Music can be tedious, stressful and herculean especially for beginners. The reason many give up can be traced to several factors, some of which may seem obvious but not given enough attention. Here, we discuss the most important steps you must take to excel in music education.

Determine your Goals

Know your goals and make sure you write them down. This is because writing your goals down increases your chances of actually accomplishing them. Your goals should be both short term and long term as you outline the steps and  needed for each of them. Your goals must also be realistic and achievable as each practice session will give you a sense of productivity and accomplishment.

Have Consistent Practice Sessions

Let your practice be consistent. As you do your theory, make sure you execute them in practical sessions. Your knowledge mustn’t be just head knowledge but that you are actually developing the skill. Practice within a serene atmosphere, avoid distractions and take regular breaks. Practice can be different from regular playing in the sense that you are intentional about rehearsing all that you have learnt in theory including all the major and minor technicalities. Practice also involves repeatedly working hard till you perfect those techniques.

Take it slowly

It is important that you practice slowly even if you are pretty good at a particular piece. You must premeditate the movement of your body and the sounds you would produce before actually making the movements. You must listen to every beat, every note and make sure that you are actually understanding and implementing the process. Repetition helps retention so repeated mistakes usually become much more difficult to reverse. Correct repetition, however, will also stick to the brain and eventually get faster over time.

Continually develop yourself

There is always room for self-improvement. Read widely on your areas of expertise, hone your skills and acquire new ones. You need to have an excellent understanding of your instrument, theories, culture, abilities and techniques. You can get resources online, download videos and read deeper within the context of your syllabus.  You mustn’t just learn how to play your instrument but learn everything about it.

Get a private tutor 

A private tutor gives you the opportunity of a personal teacher, more like a mentor to put you through the process. The tutor’s advantage of experience will help you in no small way to learn faster and better. You can get easy piano lessons in Singapore where learning is fun and the student is the focus. The guidance and evaluation of tutors will mostly help you to save time and energy in your journey of excellence.


As a learner, you may be under pressure to be excellent, to be creative or even show off to people around you. It is important to know that speed is acquired in quite the opposite of it. You will need a lot of patience, dedication, commitment and hard work but you will surely reach your goal.

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