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How to Create Videos for Your Business: A Basic Guide

Online video ads are the new commercials. If you haven’t jumped on the video creation bandwagon, your business is at least one step behind.

Don’t get behind the competitors even more. You can learn how to create videos that work for marketing, customer retention, etc. Read on to do just that.

Come Up With Video Ideas

Anyone can learn how to create videos, but coming up with the best video content is a different story. Content creation is going to be one of the most important aspects of using videos for digital marketing.

Follow these tips on video content for businesses:

Study Blog Posts

Which blog posts are top-performing on your website? What about the posts on your competitor’s website?

Note the topics that are getting the most traffic and shares. These are topics that can also be used for video.

Even top-performing posts outside of your niche are beneficial to study. They may spark up inspiration for your own content.

Study the Competition

If your competitors are already using video, study what kind of content they are producing. Don’t ever copy your competitors, but get inspiration from their content and see what you can do better.

If your competitors don’t have video content, you are ahead of the game! Congrats!

Types of Business Videos

There are different types of videos that businesses can benefit from. After completing research in your industry, you can decide which video works for the content you want to create.


Interviews are generally long, but to keep the attention of your audience, cut down on an interview if you think they would enjoy the content. Choose influencers from your niche or general people your clients would enjoy seeing.


Every video may act as a promotional one, but if you want to talk about specific products you can. For example, a great video to make is a product tutorial or showing off a new product that’s coming soon.

Tips and Hacks

No matter the industry you are in, there are tips and hacks that every professional knows. Your consumers will appreciate knowing these things too.

The key for video making is to bring something of value to your audience, tips and hacks videos are a great way to do that.

Recording Videos

Now that you have content for your business videos, you need to learn how to shoot them. You don’t need a fancy camera to shoot quality videos. In fact, most smartphones suffice these days.

However, there is some equipment you should use:

  • Tripod
  • Pro lights
  • Microphone

These pieces of equipment will enhance the quality of your videos even further. After recording, you can find a video platform for editing and posting your content.

How to Create Videos the Smart Way

Many business owners think learning how to create videos involves buying the most expensive equipment. Even though the right equipment is a plus, you won’t get anywhere without the best content.

Learning how to create content is just as important as physically recording the videos. Follow this guide and you’ll be able to use videos in all of your marketing campaigns.

For additional tips on business marketing and more, check out the other posts on our blog.

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