How to Boost Sales With Visual Merchandising


    What is visual merchandising? If you are new to the retail industry, this might be a question you have wondered once or twice.

    In a nutshell, visual merchandising is a type of marketing that uses visual elements, such as lighting, technology, floor plans, and more, to attract customers. When used correctly, visual merchandising can draw customers in, encourage them to buy, and boost your business in the process.

    While this marketing method may seem complicated and intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. By using a few best practices and having an effective strategy, you can create a display that customers find too hard to resist.

    If you want to use visual merchandising in your store but aren’t sure how, this short and simple guide is for you.

    Tell a Story

    One of the best tips for visual merchandising is to tell a story. This is a great way to pull customers in and get them invested in the product you are displaying. By telling a story, you can move the customer from the discovery phase to the purchasing stage.

    Use Custom Product Displays

    While visual merchandising is all about the product, the type of product display you use is also essential. Using a customized display will add depth and interest to the showcase overall. If you need custom displays, visit

    Implement a Color Strategy

    Did you know certain colors can influence your buying decisions? It’s true, the colors you use in your displays can encourage a range of feelings, from calm to angry or excited to passionate. Choose a smart color strategy, depending on what you want your customers to feel.

    Create an Atmosphere With Lighting

    One of the best ways to display products is to light them. By using lighting, you can highlight features and draw attention to the most important areas of the display. Think about the mood you want to convey and use lighting to help set that mood.

    Highlight the Product Price

    Finding a product you want to buy but not seeing a price can be a frustrating experience for a customer. While some customers will hunt down the price, most will just walk away from the product. To avoid losing sales, make sure you are highlighting the price of the product on your display.

    Create Visual Interest With Staggered Height

    One of the best product display ideas is to stagger the height of the display. This is ideal because customers respond to items that tend to be around eye-level. While you can’t make the display height eye-level for everyone, you can stagger the heights and create visual interest while doing so.

    This Is How to Boost Sales With Visual Merchandising

    By using these visual merchandising tips, you can create displays that are designed to sell.

    Start by telling a story about the product you are displaying. You should also use custom product displays, implement a color strategy, and create an atmosphere with lighting. Make sure you highlight the product price and create visual interest by staggering the height.

    Follow these tips to create an effective visual merchandising display.

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