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How Fire Curtains Can Save Your Business


There’s so much a fire outbreak can ruin for a business. It can cause injuries, be fatal for occupants of a building, and even damage property like inventory, financial loss, etc.

And if the fire was caused because of negligence, there’s the risk of losing insurance claims as well. The reputation of the business also takes a hit, and sometimes the customers may lose faith in the company name. Overall, business operations and revenue can be affected.

That’s not all; this fire outbreak can harm the environment. This is because of the release of harmful toxins, smoke, and unwanted gases into the air.

The irreversible impact of fire on businesses necessitates preventive measures by any prudent proprietor. Yet, no matter the level of caution, the hazard is ever-present. Fortunately, fire curtains can offer some assistance. Fire curtains are large, fire-resistant fabrics hidden from sight until activated by a fire or smoke alarm.

Designing fire-secure compartments within a structure is achievable with fire doors and curtains. Large commercial properties face numerous hurdles when it comes to partitioning and passive fire prevention. In an open layout where there are no walls to mount fire doors, installing fire curtains becomes a more suitable solution.

How do fire curtains function?

The curtain remains hidden within the headbox until a sensor or fire alarm system deems it necessary to deploy. Should a fire occur, the fire curtain descends, effectively sealing off an exit. Even in power failure situations, the fire curtain can steadily descend due to gravity.

Fire curtains are straightforward to use. Initially, the focus would be on using fire extinguishers to extinguish a fire. However, fire curtains offer several significant advantages. They can create a clear path for those needing to evacuate via stairs. Employee training on the usage of the fire curtain system is also easy to implement. Fire curtains can create robust barriers when used to partition large spaces, making evacuation to safe zones less challenging.

What constitutes a fire curtain?

Fire curtains are typically fabricated from materials such as E-glass and fibreglass. Regular glass fibre fabric can endure temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius. However, advancements have enabled the incorporation of metal thread into glass fibre fabric, enhancing their fire resistance. This improvement leads to an increase in lifespan, flex fatigue resistance, and heat tolerance up to 1000 degrees Celsius. This versatility in durability and composition makes fire curtains suitable for various environments.

Why and where are they installed?

The installation of fire-resistant curtains in a building primarily serves three purposes: containing the initial spread of a fire, extinguishing flames before they proliferate, and securing exits.

Many classroom designs would benefit from a more open arrangement. Sports facilities, theatres, auditoriums, large lecture halls, and cafeterias should be standard in every school. In areas lacking walls, like elevator lobbies, fire curtains can be installed to prevent the spread of smoke and fire through frequently used emergency exits.

Compliance with fire safety regulations.

The A1S Group has found that fire curtain installations efficiently meet workplace fire safety codes. Additionally, complying with its performance and categorization requirements is simple. Therefore, fire curtains are the optimal choice for achieving compliance certification and a sense of security.

In conclusion.

A cost-effective fire curtain offers a straightforward solution to workplace fire safety regulations compliance. Ensuring fire safety in the workplace is paramount. Despite best efforts, fires can sometimes break out, but their damage can be mitigated by the installation of fire curtains.

Fire curtains require only an initial investment due to their low maintenance needs. They offer dependable and long-lasting use without degradation. Therefore, investing in fire curtains is a secure use of your funds.

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