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How Can a New Fuel Injector Affect Your Fuel Economy?

There’s a bit of controversy surrounding performance fuel injectors online, and there are good reasons to listen to both sides. The issue is whether performance fuel injectors increase your mileage or decrease it, and the reason there is so much controversy is because they can do either, depending on what you ask your car to do.

Deliver More Fuel Faster

The biggest reason drivers give for believing that new injectors decrease fuel efficiency is because they can deliver more fuel faster, which allows upgrades like your 350 crate engine to work at maximum capacity. Obviously, the more fuel you burn at once to get a power burst, the lower your MPG will get, right?

This is certainly true if you’re asking your engine to burn as much fuel as you can deliver for maximum acceleration, but it’s not true in everyday driving situations. If you only ask it to sip fuel and maintain moderate speeds, the vehicle will not chug gas any faster than it already did. Driving habits make the difference between the injectors delivering more power or more MPG because either way, they operate more efficiently to give you what you ask for.

Balanced Fuel Delivery on Every Cycle

When you replace OEM fuel injectors without upgrading them, you usually notice an increase in fuel efficiency. Similarly, if you upgrade to performance injectors, you usually see even more. That’s because old injectors start to work unevenly. Between deposits that build up over time, individual damage from repetitive wear, and sheer luck, injector performance diverges more as the parts age. Refreshing them all allows your vehicle to deliver more consistently as well as more precisely, which is what leads to refreshed performance.

Upgrading to higher-tier parts can provide you with a longer operating life, slower performance degradation as they age, and improved fuel efficiency beyond the OEM specifications. If you are already shopping for a supercharger for sale, improved injectors can help you unlock its full potential, too.

Upgrade To Fuel Injection

Carburetor and throttle body designs can deliver a lot of power, but they are never going to be able to match the efficiency and precision of a great set of fuel injectors. If you’re not running injectors at all, you can make the change with an EFI conversion kit. Upgrading from a carburetor to injection is almost guaranteed to allow you to improve fuel efficiency and engine power if only because your vehicle’s onboard computers can regulate the fuel to air mixture on the fly, changing it to match your vehicle’s evolving power needs as you drive.

With the right combination of upgrades, you can take total control over your car’s performance. By matching upgraded electronics with performance fuel injection, expanded airflow, and a more powerful engine, you can eventually put together a hardware setup that lets you program your own performance profiles for different driving situations. If you take it that far, then you have the ability to control the trade-off between efficiency and power for yourself. Start researching your hardware options today.

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