How and Where to Sell your iPhone for the Best Price

How and Where to Sell your iPhone for the Best Price

The launch of the first iPhone, back in 2007, revolutionised not just the way we make calls, but just about every area of our lives. A new version of the classic arrives every year, prompting tech-enthusiasts around the world to reach for their wallets. If you’re looking to make an upgrade, then it’s sensible (from both a financial and environmental perspective) to sell your old one. Doing this is quite straightforward nowadays, and you’ll have plenty of options available. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Before you Sell

If you’re going to be giving your phone to a complete stranger, then you’ll need to ensure that all of your personal information has been erased. Remove the sim card, and make sure that you’ve wiped the device by going to Erase all Content and Settings, under the ‘Reset’ section of the general settings.

Signing out of apple messages, and unpairing Bluetooth devices like AirPods and Apple Watch, will make life a lot simpler when you come to set up your new phone.

When is the best time to sell an old iPhone?

When a new generation of iPhone is imminent, the value of older models will tend to contract a little. It’s therefore best to sell a few months before the launch of a new model. That’s assuming price is your biggest concern. If you’re thinking of upgrading to the newest iPhone, however, then selling shortly before the launch, or just after, is usually the best bet.

How can I sell my Phone?

There are several ways of selling a phone. Each has its advantages and drawbacks.

Apple Trade-In

Apple run their own trade-in program. You can either fill in a questionnaire on the website, or head to an in-person apple store to receive credit toward a new purchase. This will prevent you from making the switch to Android, and you might not get the best possible return – but it’s convenient and quick.

Sell to the Shop

Many phone retailers will allow you to sell your phone in the same way – except that you’ll get cash instead of credit. You can sell an iPhone 11 and put the money toward just about anything. Moreover, the deal you get might be extremely competitive.


Online marketplaces like eBay, Gumtree and Facebook marketplace are difficult to really recommend, as they don’t offer much in the way of seller protection. However, this is where you’ll get the best price, as the middleman takes a smaller cut. 

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