A Career in Audit & Assurance


    Those that have an interest in business and finance may want to consider a career in auditing. Audits are a vital check for making sure that a company’s finances are above board and all records are maintained and this can be an interested and rewarding area of work that allows you to work with all kinds of different businesses.


    What are Audits?

    So, what exactly are audits? Audits are retrospective checks into an organization’s finances and financial health. They must be completed by an independent body and these checks can be undertaken by law, but many companies also opt to have a financial audit to ensure that their finances are above board and they are in good financial health.


    What Does an Auditor Do?

    An auditor will typically be carried out at the business site of the client and will involve going through their financial documentation. You will be checking that suitable systems are in place for tracking finances, checking transactions line up and that all systems are in accordance with financial regulations. They will then make their report and instruct clients on what steps need to be taken to get their accounting up to code.


    Skills Required

    As you would imagine, in a line of work like this there are specific skills that are needed. These include numerical skills, technical skills and knowledge and problem-solving skills. In addition to this, you will need soft skills, great communication skills and the ability to work well as part of a team. 



    There are many benefits to a career in auditing. The work is secure, stable and well-paid, plus it can be interesting and rewarding working with many different types of businesses and seeing how they operate. This also means that the work is varied, which can make it interesting and different to a typical office-based role.


    How to Get Started

    Most people get started as an auditor by completing an accountancy degree at university. You will then need further training from one of the professional bodies before working as a qualified chartered accountant for two years. You could then look to an apprenticeship or join a company directly as a trainee auditor.


    A career in auditing can be one that is interesting, rewarding and well-paid. Audits are an essential part of business and help to ensure that organizations have their finances in order, which is important from a legal standpoint but also for their own financial health.