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Here’s everything you need to know about 5G Networks


Are you one of those people whose biggest pet peeve is slow Wi-Fi? Welcome to the club! Surely, that is how most of us feel. Imagine sitting in a boring class wanting to show your friend a really cool meme you’d come across the other day and then not being able to do it because of bad internet connectivity on your phone. Have you heard of the latest recurrence of cellular technology, fifth generation wireless (5g)? Currently, it’s only available in certain parts of the world, so you might not be fully aware of its wonders. Assignment writing UK services, as well as other services of the sort could really benefit from this development in technology. It’s slowly spreading, soon to make its way into all of our lives. Exciting, isn’t it?

Table of Contents

  • What exactly is 5g?.
  • What does it bring to the table?.
  • Nonconventional need for speed.
  • Say goodbye to connectivity issues.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Driverless automobiles.
  • Conclusion.

What exactly is 5g?

5g is a connectivity service and a technological improvement project. Another step forward in the world of transmission technology, it is the next generation of mobile connectivity. Some say it’s a bit of a gamble, seeing as most consumers might not even want an upgrade that could potentially cost them a bit more, but this will be no ordinary upgrade – we just need to understand that this is what we’ve been wanting for a really long time. It will enable the Internet of things (IoT) to connect seamlessly.

What does it bring to the table?

Nonconventional need for speed

While 5g speeds will vary between countries and regions, it will definitely much greater than what is currently offered in 4g. The fastest wireless connection ever seen is currently under development and will launch around 2020 in most areas. One of the biggest problems with connectivity is speed, and that issue being resolved is one of the best things to happen when it comes to internet technology. Speed tests have been conducted, and 5g speed was recorded as 1.4Gbps in Chicago, while UK also released its first 5g phone – the OnePlus 7 Pro 5g.

Say goodbye to connectivity issues

The transformation in the Internet of Things will make sure that processing of huge amounts of data becomes a lot easier. There will be no lag in connectivity and it will help us better already existing technologies. Some of its improved features include

  • Self-driving cars. Isn’t the mere idea of that mind-blowingly fantastic? Not that they don’t already exist, but they’ll be more easily available and affordable to people.
  • The speed of your phone will increase too, thus eliminating any frustration you might feel due to lag when you’re trying to play a game or make an urgent call.
  • Just like Amazon Echo, technologies will be developed that will give you smarter homes. Every corner of your house will be equipped with a personal assistant. Truly a dream.

Improved efficiency

5g is known to operate of three different spectrum bands. Even if you don’t entirely understand what that means, it will most definitely affect your daily use of it. These spectrum bands are as follows

  • Low band spectrum: can also be referred to as sub 1GHz spectrum. It provides significantly good coverage but highest data speed is at about 100mbps, which isn’t as great as it could be.
  • Mid band spectrum: the coverage may be faster than low band with this one, but it cannot penetrate as well. For example, through buildings, it will be much weaker. The good news is that speeds on this will be up to 1Gbps.
  • High band spectrum: This is what should come to mind when you think of 5g tech. Another name for it is mmWave, it offers peak speeds up to 10Gbps. However, the coverage isn’t too great and penetration is significantly weak.

This is related to the inner workings of this 4g augmentation.

Better healthcare

One of the most important things emerging from this new technology is the elimination of problems caused by lack of efficiency of tech in rural areas and places with less access to help when it comes to healthcare and other important services. A lot of the time, patients have to leave their homes and move to big cities, leaving their home behind. Not only are their entire lives disturbed, it costs them a lot more than it would if circumstances were slightly more in their favor. The cost of traveling and living expenses add to the treatment, which could very easily be done without all the hassle.

As it turns out, 5g could help connect these remote areas to people far away that can help them and guide them through basic procedures and such that they would normally have to travel to urban areas for. It can connect them to even the finest surgeons in the world, no matter where they may be located.


The main aim should now be to increase the feasibility of 5g technology in homes and businesses so that it may benefit as many people as it possibly can. Something as helpful and useful as this technology staying within its current limits would truly be a waste, which is why constant developments are being made to ensure that by 2020, 5g becomes something accessible to the people instead of just being something they read about online and get fascinated by. Better prepare yourselves for this one because it’s really going to change all of our lives for the better.


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