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Guidelines to Selecting an Efficient Irrigation System


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Rainfall may be insufficient for plants to grow healthy, which is where the need for supplementation with irrigation systems comes in. For a homeowner to be able to obtain all the benefits of an irrigation system, you should have your complete guide to irrigation systems to guide how to maintain an efficient system.

Professionals can offer guidance to homeowners as well as provide services that will help achieve a well-maintained and programmed system. 

Some characteristics of an efficient irrigation system include:

  • Runs at the appropriate water pressure value as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Distributes water evenly throughout the landscape.
  • Has a watering schedule that puts into consideration all the climatic and site conditions.
  • Has the appropriate type of sprinkler for the area to be covered.
  • Plans Right
  • Manages and makes changes to the system when necessary, to conserve more water. 

Maintaining a healthy and beautiful land requires the use of a convenient irrigation system. Automatic irrigation systems when installed, maintained, and operated properly can be extremely efficient. It is important that a homeowner selects the best type and most suitable design of the watering system that will be easy to adjust and manipulate. 

Below are some of the essential guidelines to follow when selecting a suitable irrigation system.

Professional involvement

The installation of an irrigation system determines how effective it will work. Hiring an expert with certifications, insurance certificates and references is the key to ensuring a perfect operational system.

Selection of components

Each type of plant has specific special needs to grow healthy. When the weather and climate change, the needs of the plants also change, and this requires a system that can be adjusted to meet these shifting needs. The type of system chosen should allow the property owner to make changes in the amount of water supplied and the duration of watering.

System automation

Using smart automatic controllers allows you to control the system remotely and automatically make the appropriate changes based on the weather and landscape conditions. There are systems in which the controllers can be get connected via wifi and smart controlled. The right programming is however needed to avoid errors that lead to overirrigation or under irrigation of plants.

Check on the water pressure and regulate it

Sprinkler performance, leakages, and valve problems are often affected by very low or extremely high pressure. The pressure setting for the sprinkler should be as recommended by the manufacturer. Pressure can be regulated to avoid over-watering plants. Pressure-reducing parts such as valves, rotors, and sprays can be installed in the system to avoid hitting extremely high-pressure values that affect the operation of the system.

Specify the need for water-saving systems

Water system designs provide highly efficient nozzles, sprinkler check valves, pressure-regulated sprinkler heads, and smart controllers. Consulting an expert can also help in selecting components that will improve the efficiency of the system.

Seasonal irrigation

The controller selected should be able to adjust the irrigation schedules according to the weather seasonal changes. The property owner should also be able to operate the smart controller and make necessary adjustments in monthly intervals.


It is important to research the most suitable, efficient, and operational systems to help homeowners find systems that will help them reap the most benefits such as healthy plants, low water bills, and efficiency throughout. Different systems are best for different kinds of properties, and therefore several factors should be considered when choosing an irrigation system for your landscape.

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