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Generate Hype: 6 Tips to using Pre-Order Sales to Boost Your Sales

If you’re eager to boost your marketing performance, it may be time to look into the benefits of a preorder strategy. When you give customers the option to preorder a product, you can generate hype. And with the right marketing strategy, you’ll build momentum going into the product’s official release.

Read on to learn 6 tips that can help you use pre-order sales to boost your brand!

1. Use Social Media in Your Strategy

If you don’t have a presence on Facebook and Instagram, it’s time to get one. Maintaining a consistent and memorable social media strategy is critical to your preorder strategy.

Make a point of posting teasers about your product each week. Mix in some pre-sale posts with your other posts. And aim to post at least 4 times each week across each platform.

2. Offer Preorder Discounts

One great way to incentivize pre-sale orders is through discounts. What if you offered a 15% discount to anyone who buys your product 2 months ahead of time? For instance, if you’re selling holiday decor, run an incentive on your newest decor in October.

Preorder discounts bring traffic to your website and build demand. When the discount runs out or you max out on pre-sale availability, you’ll leave potential customers hungry for more.

3. Create a Plan for Pre-Order Sales

Do you have a plan for your preorder discounts? When you head into a promotional cycle, you want to establish goals and practices that you can maintain.

For example, if you plan on using influencers to promote your product, schedule them into your social media posting cycle. Or if you need to freshen up your SEO, build that responsibility into your calendar.

4. Share Your Brand’s Story

When it comes to pre-order sales, a compelling story should be the centerpiece of your plan. Share the backstory of your product. Explain how it will benefit the buyer using real-life examples.

And use stunning visuals. Hand a camera to a skilled professional to bring your product to life!

5. Anticipate More Traffic

Does your website have the bandwidth to keep up with the jump in traffic? Make sure that you are building a strong website with the help of a web developer. The last thing you want is for your website to crash when too many people are visiting to make a purchase.

6. Follow Up on Pre-Sales

As part of your preorder strategy, make plans to follow up with your customers. Don’t just let the transaction be the ending of your connection. Build a sense of rapport and brand trust that has them eager to buy more of what you offer.

Plugins or other software makes following up much easier. Deposits for Woocommerce can help with this process. Just be diligent about using and checking your plugins.

Know the Benefits of a Preorder Strategy

Pre-order sales help to generate hype and anticipation with the launch of a new product. You may have to hand out a discount or get your marketing machine rolling earlier than planned. But the payoff comes in better brand recognition and sales.

For more tips to get your business running smoothly, check back for fresh and informative articles.

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