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Five Podcast Strategies For Marketing Your Business


Did you know that 28% of Americans are now habitual podcast listeners? With those kinds of numbers, you simply can’t afford to miss out on this marketing opportunity.

So how can you make an engaging business podcast that will help to grow your business? This article lists 5 podcast strategies that will assist you in creating quality content.

1. Have Quality Content

When producing a podcast, the most important thing is to have quality content. Things like having the right personalities and good audio production are important, but none of that matters if you don’t have top-quality material.

Before getting started on podcast production, make sure you’ll have enough high-quality topics to talk about. Also, remember that podcasting is different to live radio. You can and should use the ability to re-record things and make edits.

2. Don’t Go on For Too Long

Generally speaking, a business podcast should be shorter than other kinds of podcasts. A runtime of around 30 minutes is usually more than enough. Of course, you can also go shorter if you want.

The longer a podcast is, the less likely it is that people are going to engage with it. This means that you should avoid too much improvisation. It makes sense to have a loose script with rough timings for when you should move on to each topic.

Excessive improvisation means that your podcast will run for much longer than it needs to. When you’re not sticking to a script, it’s easy to lose track of time.

3. Consider Audio Quality

While you need to have something important to say, don’t neglect your recording equipment. You might have great content, but if the audio quality makes your podcast difficult to listen to, people won’t hear it.

For ideal audio quality, you should have a microphone for each person who will be speaking. This will give you the maximum amount of control over the sound levels in post-production.

The practicalities of recording audio are more complicated than you might think. It might pay off to work with an audio engineer if audio quality is a priority.

4. Keep a Schedule

Podcast listeners like to listen to podcasts that come out on a regular schedule. This is because a lot of people incorporate a podcast into their routine. For example, they might listen on the drive to work.

This means that you need to be diligent in putting out your podcast to a schedule. If you don’t, listeners may lose interest.

5. Marketing

All of the b2c and b2b podcasting best practices involve heavy marketing of your podcast. If you want to gain and maintain listeners, you’ll need to run a marketing campaign like you would for any other content.

These Podcast Strategies Will Help You Gain Listeners

Making a good podcast is hard work, but these podcast strategies will help you to gain listeners. Make sure your podcast is quality, planned, and consistent, and you should be able to make something listeners will engage with.

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