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Boost-like.com: How To Survive On Instagram In 2023?


As marketers and content creators, we have all been trying to chase Instagram trends and algorithm changes to succeed on the platform. And I feel like the Instagram algorithm changes every time I find the right way to grow.

Well, guess what? In 2023, things are expected to change a bit.

Do you remember when Instagram said that video content would be prioritized over photos? Probably yes! I mean, many professionals felt somewhat hurt due to this huge change.

I have good (or bad) news for you. Instagram decided to stand back and start giving photos some attention again. Adam Mosseri recently said that the platform has been working to balance all types of content delivery to users.

Now, you might be wondering how to address these Instagram algorithm changes and what impacts they might cause on your business. No worries, I’ll dig into that with you!

How does this specific Instagram algorithm change affect business?

In theory, the Instagram algorithm is supposed to be a guide for content creators. We all know that. In reality, it doesn’t work that way, especially for businesses that rely on Instagram and always have to keep adapting their strategies to address the platform’s needs.

But it’s not all about negative impacts on your page. I actually find this specific algorithm a good opportunity. Let me tell you why.

In Mosseri’s words, “We’ve since balanced, so things like how often someone likes photos versus videos and how often someone comments on photos versus videos are roughly equal, which is a good sign that things are balanced.”

It sounds like the algorithm will get (finally) balanced, and our engagement rates will be based more on accurate historical user data.

Mosseri Instagram’s print Regardless of the type of content, engagement insights will become more precise and focused on how your audience interacts with your content. It means that it’s an opportunity for us, businesses and creators, to better understand our audience preferences and improve content quality.

We’ll have the possibility to understand what better addresses our consumer expectations and focus on the ideal type of content they want to consume without being punished by the “only videos” algorithm. Not to mention that we’re now able to target customers more effectively. And that is a huge benefit.

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And what are the expectations for Instagram this year?

Though Instagram will probably come up with several changes in 2023, I’m optimistic about it.

In the past few years, Instagram has been trying to keep up with its potential competitors. Stories were born based on Snapchat, Reels based on TikTok, and so on.

But, in the meantime, I believe Instagram has also improved the platform to address better the users’ needs. This not only enhances the users’ experience but also helps us to engage effectively with our audience and build a closer relationship with them.

In fact, Mosseri provided some insight into the company’s other priorities for this year. According to his announcement, Instagram also wants to encourage creators’ creativity by adding more customization and editing tools.

Furthermore, the company assured us that they still intend to encourage social engagement and connections, which is a great opportunity for businesses and content creators.

Yet, let’s be realistic. There have always been unexpected changes to Instagram’s algorithm and features. So, I advise you to keep an eye on all the social media trends that might happen throughout this year.

As I mentioned before, several important features were introduced as a result of Instagram’s competitors, and this still might be a thing. Besides, in December 2022, Instagram released some information that the platform is implementing Candid Stories, a feature that works very similarly to the popular BeReal app.


So, how to succeed on Instagram in 2023?

In a short answer, stick to the basics.

Despite the Instagram algorithm changes and the different features that come along with time, I really encourage you to keep relying on your regular content marketing strategy.

What do I mean by basics? Just get to know your business audience, keep track of their behavior, build a community, create authentic and quality content, and try a strategy among influencers.

I know it sounds quite redundant, but in the end, social media algorithms are just trying to deliver the best experience for their users. And we can help these platforms by posting quality content and matching their expectations.

Here’s the important thing: as long as you deliver the right content on the right platform and address your audience’s needs, your business will succeed. I understand that the Instagram algorithm might scare marketers and creators, but in 2023 things seem to get better.

And an extra tip! Even though Instagram has several active users and potential customers for your brand, do not rely your entire content strategy on one platform only. A diverse social media strategy is the answer for content creators and businesses.

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