All About the Pelican Wireless System


    Pelican is an innovative wireless HVAC system. It was originally designed for application in commercial office buildings. But advances in technology have made Pelican an excellent solution for any business.

    If you’re interested in installing a Pelican wireless system, you need to know a few things. It is important to understand who Pelican is for, how it works, and the different solutions they offer.

    This guide will help you understand all that and more so you can make the right decision for you and your business.

    Who Is the Pelican Wireless System Right For?

    The Pelican Wireless HVAC System is designed specifically for commercial buildings. These include corporate offices, multi-tenant buildings, single complexes, and retail locations.

    The Pelican solution is also perfect for schools. They have many scalable options.

    That means their HVAC solutions are applicable in single building schools, collegiate campuses, and even schools with multiple campuses.

    It is also a great solution for hotels and other hospitality businesses.

    How Does It Work?

    Pelican is an innovative wireless HVAC energy management system. Their wireless gateway automatically locates and connects to all of your Pelican thermostats. This connects you with your building’s entire environment.

    The Pelican app gives you complete control over your building’s climate. You can change individual or mass temperature settings from anywhere via the app.

    Pelican also boasts an intuitive mobile scheduling tool. You can use this tool to schedule your HVAC system to run only during the hours that you need it. It also provides full historical trend data for every thermostat so you know exactly how each unit is running at any moment of the day.

    The Pelican system is proven to reduce energy costs by up to 35%. The app also alerts you immediately if any maintenance is required.

    The dynamic simplicity of Pelican’s design allows you to gain immediate control over your building’s environment. This helps you increase comfort, save time, reduce energy costs, and work more efficiently.

    The Pelican Thermostat

    The Pelican wireless thermostat is designed to be simple, familiar, and intuitive. You can change the temperature of the room via the thermostat, but it is not designed for programing or scheduling.

    Instead, the Pelican app makes it easy to manage, schedule, and control your building’s entire climate.

    Pelican also offers thermostats with temperature, humidity, and CO2 monitoring and management.

    The Pelican PEARL Economizer

    The Pelican PEARL Economizer is the first web-enabled HVAC economizer. It creates real-time online monitoring of your thermostat system and that helps you maximize your building’s energy efficiency.

    The PEARL makes pelican controls incredibly easy to use. The data that the PEARL collects helps you schedule and program your HVAC system to run at maximum efficiency.

    The PEARL helps businesses save an average of 42% of HVAC energy costs. It provides you with both real-time and historical knowledge about how and what the economizer is doing so that you’re always in control.

    An Outstanding Wireless HVAC System

    The Pelican wireless system is the perfect solution for commercial buildings and businesses. It gives you complete and immediate control of your building’s entire climate.

    Their intuitive app boasts mobile monitoring, scheduling, and temperature control. What’s more, it automatically alerts you if any maintenance is required, so you can get back to working comfortably as soon as possible.

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