The advertising industry is an ever-expanding and evolving industry. The concept of advertising is so versatile, that it effortlessly incorporates into any medium. If there is an avenue to reach people, it will be used for advertising. For example, social media emerged as a platform for people to communicate, but it is now one of the foremost advertising mediums in the world. Advertising has a vast effect on people no matter what the medium. For example, something as simple as a billboard on the road reaches 83.8% of Australians every month. Outdoor advertising usually takes a backseat to social media and other digital mediums, but today, there are digital billboards in Melbourne, Sydney, and every other place in Australia.


Going digital began as a trend and is now the norm. Digital billboards are everywhere, and studies prove that they are just as effective as online ads, if not more. People tend to skip online ads, and the message might not get through to the intended audience, no matter how interesting the ad’s content. But billboards are perfect for people’s attention spans. They effortlessly call attention with their enormous size and flashing lights. The effects on a billboard interest people and hold their attention longer.

Digital billboards also provide ample potential for creativity. Several types of billboards exist with varied visual effects that brands can choose to portray their advertisement. Brands and advertisers can also choose to play the same content as their other video ads on the billboard as it also supports sound.

Another primary advantage is their positioning. Billboards require minimal ground space for their support, and advertisers can choose to place them anywhere. Time’s Square in New York is an excellent example of digital billboard positioning. The billboards surround the square, lighting it up. The overall effect is enrapturing, adding to the overall effect of the advertisement.


While a billboard’s snazzy lights and raucous sound can call attention, the message must also be interesting. The agenda is to use the billboard’s space optimally by covering every inch with detail without being overwhelming. Additionally, advertisements that focus only on visuals and sounds may not produce the desired effect, as people may not notice the brand or the product.

The Message Content

Advertising on billboards follows the same principles as any other advertisement, delivering the message effectively and creatively. The creativity should reflect in the message, the visuals, and the audio. This message must be memorable and mention either the brand or product verbally. This verbal placement helps people associate the stunning billboard with the brand.

The Visual Content

Visual content on billboards is all about the perfect juxtaposition of colour and light, creating memorable advertisements. This combination should be unique for it to stand out from other billboards. Using visual effects, lighting and sound are regular among all billboard advertisements. But for a particular ad to stand out, it has to use this medium uniquely.

The Audio Content

Places with several billboards are the fray for competition with so many flashing signs, people choose the most attractive billboard and pay attention. Several advertisers prefer to choose visual effects to call attention to the billboard, but sound effects are just as effective. Billboards with catchy tunes, peculiar sounds, or alluring dialogue can effectively catch people’s eyes.

On average, Australians spend about 7 hours in a car driving, and about 88% of them confirm that brands on billboards stand out to them. Digital Billboards in Melbourne, Sydney, and other parts of Australia are a beneficial investment to reach as vast a customer base as possible.

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