A Guide to the Providers of the Best Website Templates of 2020

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    A 2019 survey showed that 81% of adults in the US spend several hours on the internet each day. Only 8% of these people go online less than once a day. This information shows how important it is to have a website for your business.

    Making a website is not enough, though. You need an appealing website to boot. This means you need to choose the right website template to impress your visitors. Fortunately, there are lots of companies that offer the best website templates.

    So, what is a website template? Let’s first understand this concept, and after, we can discuss some of the best templates out there.

    Website Templates: What Are They?

    Going back several years, if you wanted a website, you would either need to learn HTML coding or hire someone to do it for you.

    Nowadays, some companies offer templates, which are pre-formatted website designs. You simply need to fill in the information, like your website name, about section, items you will sell, and any other information you want to have.

    Some companies also offer complimentary digital marketing services, such as custom website design. Now that you understand the concept of website templates, let’s move on to the best website templates of 2020!


    They offer an array of template designs, all of which focus on specific artistic professions. For example, if your service involves photography, they have a website design emphasizing pictures.

    Remember, the layout of your website makes a big difference when you want to catch the eye of potential clients.


    In ThemeForest, you have a wide selection of website templates ranging from $35 to $10.

    With its easy search function, you can specifically look for layouts or functions you want on your website. Some templates also offer additional services with the main template, like a mobile website, so that you can reach even more people.


    Sometimes a simple design makes more of an impact than a more conventional website design. That’s where Colorlib comes into the picture since they offer simple and minimalistic style website templates. These templates are perfect if you want to stand out from the other websites out there.

    The Maulding Group

    The Maulding Group stands out because it offers users a variety of templates, as well as a range of other digital marketing services.

    They design professional websites and also advise you on how to promote your website; the perfect mix to help you get to the top! On top of this, you can take specialized eLearning classes to boost your digital marketing knowledge.

    Choose the Best Website Templates

    As you have seen, the sky is the limit when choosing the best website templates. Remember to select a design that best shows your services and allows users to navigate around easily. Once you have an appealing website, all you need to do is promote it!

    If you want some more informative tips, be sure to keep tabs on the business section!