8 Tips to Convert Leads Into Sales


    Starting to grow a business is no easy task. You’ll have to generate and then convert leads, which is one of the biggest challenges that your new business will face. Did you know that businesses are nine times more likely to convert a lead into a sale if they follow up within five minutes?

    Closing deals is the name of the game if you want to turn your small business or startup into a powerhouse. Hiring sales professionals is a good start to closing deals but there are some other crucial sales tips that will help you learn how to make a sale on a regular basis.

    The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn some helpful tips that will have you convert leads in no time. Continue reading this article to learn eight helpful tips for converting leads into sales today.

    1. Offer Incentives

    One of the most effective ways to convert leads into sales is by enticing your target market with incentives. Everyone loves free things, so consider offering a free gift or a free trial of your services to build impulse and get your target audience to give your business a shot.

    Offering discounts or promotional rates are another great way to convert leads into sales. Offer 20 percent off on a customer’s first purchase with your business. This is a great way to grow your sales numbers and create a loyal following for your business.

    2. Ask for the Sale

    This might sound like it is an obvious thing to do, but you’d be surprised by the number of companies that don’t ask for the sale when it comes to their goods or services. If you ask the leads that you’re generating if they’re ready to purchase from you it is a distinct possibility that they’ll say yes.

    The reason that they’re a lead for your business is that they have some level of interest in what your company brings to the table. It never hurts to ask for the sale but it could be harmful to your business if you don’t.

    3. Bring Up Return On Investment

    Another great tip to help convert your leads into sales is to remind your target audience of the return on investment benefits that they’ll gain from doing business with you. Instead of asking them if they’re ready to do business with you, ask them if they’re ready to boost their return on investment with you.

    4. Put Together a Comprehensive FAQ Page

    One of the main reasons that leads don’t end up purchasing your goods or services is because they have unanswered questions. A quick and effective way to get them the answers to the questions they might have is to put together a page for frequently asked questions. Be sure to put this page in a prominent place on your website so that it is easy to find.

    The best approach for coming up with the frequently asked questions is to seek help from your sales team. They’ll have a firm idea of what potential customers ask before purchasing your goods or services. Be sure to look here for more information about FAQs and converting leads.

    5. Establish a Time Limit

    Another great thing to do when it comes to converting leads is to establish a time limit on communication with the potential customer. While it is important that you reach out to the customer, you need to move on and invest your time and resources elsewhere if they don’t respond.

    A good rule of thumb is to give your target audience thirty days to respond to your discounts or offers. If they don’t respond by then, you should move on and invest your energy elsewhere. It also has the benefit of generating a reaction in the potential customer that might prompt action that leads to a sale.

    6. Always Follow Up

    You’d be surprised at how effective following up with your potential customers is. It takes minimal effort and is effective at converting leads into sales in a short period of time.

    The best approach is to contact your potential customers and then follow up with them a few days later if they haven’t purchased anything while offering to answer the questions that they might have about your goods or services.

    7. Get Creative With Email Marketing

    Email marketing is becoming a valuable resource for businesses when it comes to converting leads into sales on a consistent basis. Odds are that your competitors are also targeting your audience so you’ll need to find things that make your emails stand out from the crowd.

    Make sure to send marketing emails that tell the story of your brand and express its values in a way that your target audience will relate to. Avoid putting together pushy emails that will turn your target audience off of your company and products.

    8. Ask Inquisitive Questions

    A great way to engage your leads in meaningful dialogue is by asking them questions. This is a sure way to get a response while also putting a bit of pressure on your potential customer. This pressure not only helps you guide the lead into the direction you wish them to take, but it also helps to build impulse that could lead to a sale.

    Best of all, it could uncover any lingering questions or doubts that the customer might have about doing business with you. This is valuable information because it will help you determine what your customer needs to know in order to feel comfortable investing in your products or services.

    Follow These Tips to Convert Your Leads

    The most important thing when it comes to the success of a young or new company is finding a way to convert leads on a regular basis. Be sure to ask inquisitive questions to find things that are keeping your target audience from doing business with you. You should also get creative with your email marketing campaigns and follow up with your leads in a short period of time.

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