7 Perfume Scents For People with Sensitive Smell

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Are you struggling with sensitivity to smells?

While buying perfume can be a fun act of self-care for many people, for some, wearing perfume can end in disaster. If you are sensitive to smell you know a single sniff of a cloying scent can result in headaches, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and more.

In extreme cases, a heightened sense of smell added to smell sensitivity can even result in depression and anxiety.

Fortunately, by carefully choosing your scents, you can wear perfume without experiencing the effects of your smell sensitivity. If you are looking for the best scents for people who are sensitive to smells, this short and simple guide is for you.

1. Vanilla

One of the best scents to look for if you are sensitive to smells is vanilla. This scent is light, relaxing, and has soft notes that don’t overwhelm the senses. If you are looking for vanilla-scented perfumes, check out this luxury perfume wholesale company.

2. Lavender

If you are sensitive to perfume, consider wearing lavender scents. Lavender has many calming properties and is commonly used to encourage relaxation. As a bonus, lavender also contains anti-inflammation properties.

3. Orange Blossom

One scent that works great for those with smell sensitivity is orange blossom. This scent can be uplifting without an aggressive or cloying effect. You can supercharge your efforts by wearing a perfume with both orange blossom and vanilla notes.

4. Lemon

Like orange blossom, lemon is a great scent for those who are sensitive to smells. Lemon is a bright scent that is not too rich or too sweet. This results in a lovely perfume without the accompanying headache.

5. Peppermint

A great scent to use if you are sensitive to smell is peppermint. Not only is peppermint a refreshing scent, but it is also used in aromatherapy to reduce and prevent headaches. If you are perfume shopping, look for scents that have notes of peppermint.

6. Rose

Rose is a classic scent, one that has stood the test of time. It’s also a scent many people use, even when they are sensitive to smells. Rose is soft and subtle, making it ideal for anyone who is struggling with smell sensitivity.

7. Sandalwood

If you have a sensitive nose, consider wearing a perfume that has sandalwood. This is a warm and smooth scent, one that is not too heavy or sweet. Sandalwood also works well with other scents you can wear, such as citrus and light florals.

These Are the Best Scents for Those With a Sensitive Smell

There are several scents you can wear if you are sensitive to smell.

Vanilla is one of the best scents to wear if you have a sensitivity to smells. You can also try lavender, orange blossom, and lemon. Other scents you might enjoy include peppermint, rose, and sandalwood.

Look for notes of one or more of these scents when you are shopping for perfume.

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