6 Changing Office Trends in 2022

6 Changing Office Trends in 2022

The pandemic has changed the idea of a traditional workspace for all of us. Even after the return of normalcy, employers are reconsidering their idea of ideal office space. From flexible workspaces to offices with more social space, things have changed and will continue to do so. Before the pandemic, we were used to an open floor plan, rows of desks, and several teams sitting together. The furniture was designed in a way that helped improve productivity and performance. However, there is more of a fluid workspace today, and the transition to the home office has led to this. 


As managers realized that the time spent in the office is no longer connected to employees’ productivity, they started focusing on office spaces that offered high flexibility and an ideal work-life balance. If businesses want to retain a productive workforce, it will be essential for them to think about the future of the office. Let’s look at the changing office trends that have come to light this year. 

More employees want hybrid work

Remote work comes with its own set of benefits, and many employees seek the freedom of working from anywhere and anytime. To meet the needs of the employees, companies must offer a hybrid work model which benefits both parties. It allows employees to work at home and attend the office whenever necessary. If the management has not thought about it already, it will demand some discussions throughout the year about how the office will now be utilized at less than its full capacity. There will not be the optimal use of meeting rooms or rows of desks, and they might be replaced with office games, breakout furniture, or coffee tables. 

Rise of co-working spaces

Co-working spaces had taken a hit due to the pandemic, but since employees are more willing to work from home, co-working spaces will make a comeback this year. Centralized offices are also seen as a new way of working, and many companies have adopted them. Since all companies cannot afford smaller offices or they cannot rent space only for hybrid work, they will be looking for affordable co-working spaces. There is a rise in the bookings of such offices, and it will continue for the coming years. 

Pods for solo work

We are accustomed to working on our own now, and many people are unhappy with returning to shared spaces again. Due to this, we have seen a rise in work pods that allow solo working, and it helps boost productivity levels and offers complete privacy. 

Sustainable offices 

Many people are becoming conscious of their impact on the environment, which is one reason why employees and companies are moving towards a sustainable workspace. It not only focuses on saving energy but also natural resources and is a good way of increasing the well-being of those who work there. There is a rise in the demand for office space for rent in Scottsdale, and companies are looking to create sustainable workspaces there. Throughout 2022 and for the next few years, we will see sustainable office designs that use non-toxic and eco-friendly materials. Even the office furniture will be made from recycled materials, and there will be solar panels for more eco-friendly solutions. 


We have understood the importance of technology in the past two years, and all companies will be carrying it forward in the years to come. After attending meetings via Zoom, we can continue to expect such types of meetings going forward. Traditional meeting rooms can be revamped into Zoom rooms with ceiling baffles to help improve the sound while on call. 

Flexible furniture 

With a hybrid working model, there will be a change in the layout and structure of the office. When there is no need for 12 desks, the company will try to eliminate them. This will lead to more open spaces and areas available, which can be developed into coffee tables or open spaces for the team to relax. This can be achieved through the use of flexible furniture, which can be moved away whenever necessary. You can consider modular desks, tables, or partitions that allow you to easily change the office’s configuration. 


These are some office trends that will rule this year and for the next few years. Some changes could be positive, while some might turn out to be negative, but only time will tell. It will be important for the companies to adapt to the latest trends to keep the employees motivated. With a new normal, it is important to adopt the new ways of working, and it does look like an exciting time ahead. 

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