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5 WhatsApp Hacks You Haven’t Tried Yet


WhatsApp is a popular messaging application with over 2 billion active users worldwide. It’s available on both Android and iOS platforms, and it’s free to download and use. Since its launch in 2009, WhatsApp has undergone significant upgrades, making it a reliable and user-friendly app for communication. In this article, we’ll explore five WhatsApp hacks you may not have tried yet. These hacks will help you customize your messaging experience, enhance productivity, and protect your privacy.

1. Make Your Messages Stand Out

Use of Bold, Italicized, and Strikethrough Text

WhatsApp allows users to format their messages using bold, italicized, and strikethrough text. Addd asterisks (*) before and after the text you want to emphasize to make the text bold. For example, “Hello” will appear as “Hello” in bold. Add underscores (_) before and after the text to italicize text. For example, “Hello” will appear as “Hello” in italics. Add tildes (~) before and after the text to strikethrough text. For example, “Hello” will appear as “Hello” with a line through it.

Adding Emojis and Emoticons

Emojis and emoticons can help convey your emotions better than plain text messages. WhatsApp offers a wide range of emojis and emoticons that you can use to express yourself. Tapp the emoji icon next to the text input box to access them. You can also add emojis to your contacts’ names to make them more recognizable in your chats.

Utilizing Different Fonts in Messages

WhatsApp offers several font styles that you can use to spice up your messages. Add three backticks (`) before and after the text you want to form to change the font style. For example, “Hello” will appear in a different font style.

2. WhatsApp Web Contact Download Extension

WhatsApp Web Contact Download Extension is a Chrome extension that allows you to download all your WhatsApp contacts in one go. Install the extension, log in to your WhatsApp Web account, and click the extension icon. You can then select the format you want to download your contacts.

With WhatsApp Web Contact Download Extension, you can save your contacts in an Excel sheet for easy access and organization. Once you have downloaded your contacts, open the Excel sheet, and you can see all your contacts and their details.

In addition to downloading your contacts, WhatsApp Web Download them in Google or Excel sheets from your chats or group where you want to save them.

3. Use WhatsApp as a Personal Note-Taking Tool

Utilize WhatsApp’s Star Message Feature to Save Notes

You can use the star message feature in WhatsApp to mark important messages you want to save for future reference. To start a message, long-press the message and tap on the star icon at the top of the screen. You can access all your starred messages by tapping the three dots on the top right corner of the screen and selecting “Starred Messages.” It’s relevant to say that you must be careful of Whatsapp hacker as they can hack your account through messaging..”

Use WhatsApp’s Broadcast Feature to Send Notes to Yourself

The broadcast feature allows you to send a message to multiple contacts at once without creating a group. You can use this feature to send notes to yourself or a group of contacts without copying and pasting the same message multiple times. To create a broadcast list, go to the “Chats” tab, tap on the three dots in the top right corner, and select “New Broadcast.”

Utilize WhatsApp’s Chat Backup Feature to Store Important Notes

WhatsApp offers a chat backup feature that allows you to back up your chats to Google Drive or iCloud.This feature can store important notes and access them from any device. To backup your chats, go to “Settings,” select “Chats,” and then select “Chat Backup.”

4. Customize Your Chats and Notifications

Changing Your Chat Background

WhatsApp allows you to customize your chat background with images from your gallery or with wallpapers provided by WhatsApp. To change your chat background, go to “Settings,” select “Chats,” and then select “Chat Wallpaper.”

Customizing Your Chat Notification Sounds

You can set up custom notification sounds for individual chats or groups to differentiate them from other notifications. To customize your chat notification sounds, long-press the chat or group you want to customize, select “Custom Notifications,” and then select “Notification Tone.” You can then choose a sound from your device’s library or download a new one.

Setting Up Custom Notifications for Specific Contacts or Groups

If you want to set up custom notifications for specific contacts or groups, you can go to the “Chats” tab and select the contact or group you want to customize. From there, select “Contact Info” or “Group Info,” and then select “Custom Notifications.” You can choose a specific sound, vibration pattern, and light notification colour for that contact or group.

5. Secret Chatting on WhatsApp

Using the Archived Chats Feature to Create a Secret Chat

One of the easiest ways to create a secret chat on WhatsApp is by using the Archived Chats feature. Archive the chat you want to keep a secret, which will be removed from the main chat list. You can then reaccess it by swiping it from the top of the main chat list and selecting “Archived Chats.”

Using Third-Party Apps to Create Secret Chats

There are several third-party apps available that allow you to create secret chats on WhatsApp. These apps use end-to-end encryption to ensure your messages are secure and private. Examples of such apps include Signal, Telegram, and Wickr.

Locking Individual Chats with a Passcode

If you want to lock individual chats with a passcode, you can use third-party apps like AppLock These apps allow you to set up a passcode or fingerprint lock for individual apps on your device, including WhatsApp.


In conclusion, these five WhatsApp hacks can help you enhance your messaging experience and make the most out of the app. You can make your messages stand out by using bold, italicized, and strikethrough text, adding emojis and emoticons, and utilizing different fonts in your messages. You can also use WhatsApp as a personal note-taking tool by utilizing the star message, broadcast, and chat backup features. Customizing your chats and notifications can help you differentiate between chats and stay organized. Finally, you can create secret chats and keep your messages private using the Archived Chats feature, third-party apps, and passcode lock. And with the WhatsApp Web Contact Download Extension, you can easily download and save your contacts and chat history for easy access and organization. So go ahead and try out these hacks to take your WhatsApp experience to the next level!

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