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5 Ways To Decide How Much Money You Need To Borrow

If you’re thinking about applying for a personal loan, you’ll probably need a specific amount. Most people always try to borrow a little more. It’s always nice to have some extra cash lying around to treat yourself.

How will you know what you can afford before running into trouble? Before applying for the loan, you’ll need to work out the maximum you can safely pay back. Let’s discuss a few things you’ll need to look at soon.

  1. Play Around With A Calculator

If you search online, you’ll be able to find loan calculators. You will need to enter the details, like how much you want to borrow and over how many months. Once you press enter, it will tell you how much it will cost every month.

Before using a loan calculator, you’ll need to find the interest rate. If you ask about the Magical Credit personal loan, you’ll get a percentage you can enter into the calculator to get the exact numbers for everything.

  1. Work Out Your Monthly Expenses

If you’re looking for a personal cash loan in Vancouver, your expenses might be pretty high. Someone living in Memphis will likely spend much less. Sit down and work out how much you spend every month to the closest dollar.

Once you examine your wage slips, you can figure out what goes into your bank account every month. When you take away your expenses, you’ll know what’s left. Can you afford the amount you wrote down from the loan calculator?

  1. Look At Where You Can Save Cash

Even if you think you can afford the monthly loan payment, it’s worth looking at where you can save cash. I think everyone could bring down their monthly expenses. You likely waste lots of money without thinking about it.


You can start by keeping track of everything you spend each month. Make a list of all the bills and subscriptions that come out of your bank account. Once you have a large list, work out where you can cut expenses.

  1. Credit Cards And Overdrafts

If you apply for a credit card with zero interest, you might get a decent limit. Ask your bank if they’ll allow you to get an overdraft. If you already have one, your bank might let you increase it a little.


Getting money using these methods will cost you less in the long run. You’ll pay a lot less in interest compared to a personal loan, and even though you’ll still need a loan, you’ll be able to settle for a smaller one.

  1. Borrowing From Family Members

You can do the same thing with family members. Ask if it’s possible to borrow money from them because you’re in a pinch. Anything they give you will come with zero interest, so you’ll pay less money back in total.

If you need to apply for a $20,000 loan, you could apply for a $10,000 loan if your family will give you the other half interest-free. Sadly, this will only apply to those with financially sound family members.

Make Sure You’ll Be Safe

It’s easy to borrow money if you’re employed in a decent job, but make sure you’ll be able to afford the repayments if you don’t want a difficult life.

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