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5 Ways for Marketing Consumer Products


Businesses often thrive in completing new products. After all, that’s how most companies begin; somebody had an idea that they had to market to the public. As they develop their campaign, their business begins to grow.

The trouble for many people is learning how to accomplish the best marketing campaign. Consumer products line the shelves of every store, each offering its benefits and promises. How do you present your products in a way that captivates your audience?

If that’s the question you’re pondering, then you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’ll discuss five strategies for consumer products companies to reach their market. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

1. Tell the Story of Your Consumer Products

If you want to market consumer product goods, a tried and true method is to tell a story about your product. There’s a little psychology that makes this approach so successful.

Because marketers and businesses developed their products, they often get excited explaining how brilliant their idea was. They love to explain how the product works, how it differs from their competitors’ lines, and other technical aspects.

All of this might interest some people. However, most people don’t care about these technical aspects. The majority of your customers want an experience.

To provide them that experience, you must tell a story about what the product will give the customer. It’s even better when you can tell a true story about the product through a customer’s testimonial.

These testimonials don’t explain the technical reasons why a product is the best on the market. Instead, a human being tells the story of how this product “changed their life.” It gives the consumer a vision of how this product will improve their lives.

2. Keep Products in Line with Your Brand

Your brand is the perception that the public has of your company. For example, Apple’s brand revolves around top-quality desktop computers, laptops, phones, and audio equipment. It markets itself on convenience and technological advancement.

Similarly, McDonald’s brand focuses on fast, convenient meals marketed to kids. This marketing audience is why McDonald’s’ locations have play areas and toys included with the Happy Meal.

Like these companies, your business also has a brand. When you market your products, it’s essential to keep your product within the limits of your brand. Companies that try to market a product far outside their industry often find the campaign fails.

For example, let’s go back to the McDonalds brand example. From its beginnings, McDonald’s has branded itself primarily as a kid’s product. However, several years ago, the fast-food chain attempted to reach adults with its Arch Deluxe.

The idea was to try and produce a more sophisticated, alternative line of burgers. If you’ve never heard of this, there’s a reason: the new campaign failed dramatically. The attempt cost the company over $300 million wasted on research, development, and consumer product testing.

If you already have an established brand, use it to your advantage to promote products that advance that image. If you’re just starting, consider the core audience you want to target. Then, create products that resonate with them.

3. Marketing to Current Customers

Marketing to existing customers is an excellent approach. If you ever discuss marketing with a consumer products consulting agency, they’ll tell you that it’s much cheaper to sell to existing customers than to acquire even one new customer.

How much cheaper, you ask? Reaching a new customer often costs five to 25 times more money than marketing to existing customers. You can save money and effort by appealing to your already loyal customers.

There are several ways that brands can reinvigorate their customers to buy new products. For example, think of how Apple manages to make billions of dollars with each new iPhone release, even if they released a new model only months before.

Digital marketing also makes this easier. If you have a mailing list, utilize it to get your customers eager to buy your new products. Send out email campaigns advertising deals and discounts that members can access.

4. Make Promises Your Consumable Products Can Keep

If your product makes a “big” promise, it will likely draw many old customers and several new customers to purchase it. However, if your product fails to “deliver the goods,” your customers will call you out for it.

This call-out may not come in the form of lawsuits, but you will see a downturn in future products. Once customers feel a company burned them, they don’t just stop buying your products. Instead, they denigrate the goods to others, making those people less likely to buy them.

One of the most readily available examples of products that fail to keep promises is workout equipment. Every new exercise piece seems to promise that you’ll go from looking like the Pillsbury Doughboy to Superman within weeks.

As a result, many people remain skeptical of exercise equipment advertisements. So, before you make a “big” promise, ensure that you can keep your word.

5. Move Past Failures Quickly

Even the best marketers and businessmen experience failures from time to time. Some of these failures are catastrophic for a company. So, marketers need to learn how to fail well.

How do you do this? As difficult as it may feel, move on from your failures quickly and get back to the drawing board. When you do, consider a few things.

First, determine whether there will be a market for your new product. Developing a product and searching for an audience instead of marketing to an existing audience is a recipe for poor results.

Second, have a willingness to hear ideas from anybody in your company. Create an atmosphere of innovation that gives workers room and incentives to grow.

Start Marketing Today

With these strategies, you can better market your consumer products to people who want to buy them. You can bypass some of the common pitfalls that strike many marketers and learn from their mistakes. So, get started with one of these methods today!

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