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5 Tips for Selecting Jewelry That Matches Your Skin Tone


No one can deny that jewelry is something you can’t go wrong with. From 3-carat diamond rings to small earrings and necklaces, a well-chosen piece completes your outfit. Given the options, it’s no surprise that there’s always more to choose from than you can handle.

Some people buy jewelry that they find beautiful, and some buy popular ones. Their mistake is that when they finally wear it for an occasion, the style or color doesn’t suit them. Choosing the right piece of jewelry for you is an important decision to make. There are different factors to consider when choosing jewelry, and one of these includes your skin tone.

If you want to know how to choose jewelry that matches your skin tone, then keep reading. You’ll find that there’s so much more than just knowing what color to wear. 

  1. Determine Your Skin Tone

Before anything else, you first need to know your skin tone to choose jewelry that complements it. Generally, there are three categories of skin tone: warm, neutral, and light. To know which category you fall under, consider these steps:


  • Your veins can tell what type of skin tone you have. Check whether you have blue or green veins under natural light. People with cool or light skin tones have bluish or purplish veins. Those with warm or darker skin tones have green veins.
  • Get a piece of paper and hold it against your face. Make sure that you can see through the paper. If you notice some pinkish undertones on the paper, you have a cool skin tone. If it’s yellowish, your skin tone is warm.
  • How your skin reacts under the sun also helps you determine your skin tone. You have a warm or neutral skin tone if your skin darkens but does not burn. If your skin burns and reddens but does not tan, you have a cool skin tone.
  1. Find Your Compatible Gemstone

You can’t deny that the gemstone is one of the main reasons you’re buying the jewelry. Everyone loves diamond jewelry, whether it’s wedding rings or stud earrings. And some love buying jewelry with their birthstone on it or gemstones that mean something.

There’s nothing wrong with having these preferences. But, if you want to make the jewelry work, find a gemstone that is compatible with your skin tone.

Gemstones that complement your skin tone make you look more attractive and stand out. A mismatched stone, however, can make your skin look lifeless and depleted. Consider this gemstone guide before you buy any piece of jewelry.


  • Cool Skin Tone – Gemstones with bright and deep colors look wonderful for people with cooler skin tones. Try jewelry that has green, red, blue, pink, and purple stones on it. Consider emerald, ruby, sapphire, pink diamonds, and amethyst. Gemstones like pearls, aquamarine, opal, tanzanite, and zircon also work.


  • Warm Skin Tone –  If you have that skin tone, try wearing jewelry with earth-toned gemstones. This includes alexandrite, morganite, peridot, mandarin garnet, citrine, or yellow diamonds.


  • Neutral skin tone –  People with neutral skin tone are lucky. You can wear whichever gemstone you like since they all go well with your complexion. 


If you don’t like any of the jewelry choices for your skin tone, try diamond jewelry. The tennis necklace is the newest trend in fashion these days. If you don’t know what it is, picture a diamond tennis bracelet but designed as a necklace. 

Diamond tennis necklaces are the right kind of jewelry for any occasion. You can find one with the diamond cut or shape of your choice. More importantly, they can complement any skin tone you have, much like other diamond jewelry. 

There’s Also Such a Thing as Season Type


When choosing casual or wedding jewelry, it’s also important to know your season type. This way, you can go a little deeper into the colors that complement you the best.

  • You are either a summer or a winter type if you have a cool skin tone.
  • If you have a dark skin tone, you are either a spring or an autumn type. 


If you have a winter type of skin tone, go for colors that are clear and crisp. These include neutral colors and other deep colors like navy, crimson, and pink. It’s also best to keep your jewelry selection simple. Try small earring studs or gold engagement ring settings.


Summer clothing does not blend well with dark colors or golden tones like orange. You need jewelry with pastel or floral hues like lilac or baby blue. Some earthy tones like green and yellow are also great when paired with a summer skin type. And while you’re at it, mix and match your jewelry. Summer types can pull off statement pieces and rock them.


Golden colors like orange, beige, brown, and gold go with those who have autumn tones. Autumn types can be very adventurous with their jewelry choices because they look fantastic in gold. Just make sure you stay away from dark colors like navy or black. 


For spring-like people, warm hues like peach, green, beige, and those with gold undertones are best. Navy and other dark hues do not go well with this complexion. Spring personalities don’t need to wear a lot of jewelry, but when they do, gold looks best on them.

Don’t Forget to Match the Metal Color With Your Skin Tone

Jewelry also consists of metals, which also differ in color. That is, some have platinum or silver metal settings and some have gold metal settings. And if we know anything about colors, it’s that they influence how they look on your skin tone. This makes it important to find the right kind of metal that complements your skin tone.


People with warm skin tones look best with jewelry that has yellow or rose gold metal. Try rose gold engagement ring settings with princess-cut diamonds. If your skin tone is at the cooler side of the spectrum, go for silver jewelry like a platinum twisted necklace. This will make your skin shine like it never has before.


Lastly, if you have neutral tones, any color of metal will work for you. Couples who both have neutral skin tones are lucky since they won’t have a hard time finding the right proposal rings. They only need to try out different colored jewelry that suits their preferences. 

When in Doubt, Choose Diamonds

A diamond is usually a good option if you’re having problems picking which piece of jewelry to buy. Diamonds brighten any attire, making you look magnificent and alluring. They are the only gemstones that look great on both warm and cool skin tones.

If you’re ever in doubt about choosing the right kind of jewelry for your skin tone, go with diamonds. These stunning gems bring out the best in everyone, whether they have warm or cool skin tones. 

Not only do they look good on engagement rings, but they also work for jewelry that you can wear every day. You can never go wrong with diamonds, whether you’re buying one for yourself or giving it as a gift.

To make the most of these gems, find out which diamond cut or style suits you best.  

Wrap Up

If you’re going to invest in jewelry, go big or go home. Diamond jewelry is a timeless classic and will suit any style of clothing you put on. Whether they are stud earrings or wedding day diamonds, they make any outfit stand out.

But make sure that the pieces of jewelry match the tone of your skin. No matter how elegant it looks, you may not look good in the jewelry you chose without taking this into account. After all, every jewelry’s purpose is to make the wearer look good. 

Give this one a thought, especially if you love wearing jewelry on a daily basis. Do take your time when selecting jewelry. You don’t have to spend a lot to look good with any kind of jewelry. All it takes is to match it with your skin tone and you’re good to go! 

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