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5 Tips for Pursuing an Eviction


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In August of 2021, about 14% of renters reported struggling to pay rent. Throughout the pandemic, federal laws protected renters from eviction. Now, though, that moratorium has expired.

Some states extended the eviction ban, but others opted not to prolong the inevitable. If you’re a landlord with a tenant who owes back rent, then you may be ready to start the eviction process. Despite that, you might not know how amidst this global pandemic.

Read on to learn our top five tips for pursuing an eviction.

1. Get Informed and Review the Law

Before you even begin to consider eviction, you need to review the law. Depending on where you’re located, pandemic protections may still be in place. You need to get informed so that you can determine your options moving forward.

Most pandemic protections apply to nonpayment as a reason for evicting the tenant. If you have a different reason for evicting them, though, protections may not apply. Here are a few legal reasons you can evict your tenants:

  • Lease agreement violations
  • Drug use or other illegal activity
  • Lease expiration
  • Property damage
  • Sale of the property

Determine why you’re seeking an eviction and then back up your reasoning with proof.

2. Talk to Your Tenants and Give a Written Notice

Your next order of business should be talking with your tenants face-to-face. Bring a written notice of the reason you came up with in step one.

Depending on your relationship with your tenants, you may be able to work out a deal. If not, then you’ve still served your notice in a timely fashion.

3. Provide Official Notice

If you and your tenants didn’t come up with good eviction solutions, then you need to give official notice. You will need to create a formal document that outlines:

  • How much money in back rent the tenant owes
  • Other reasons for eviction
  • The date by which the tenant must comply or leave
  • How many days the tenant has before you go to court

You need to send this notice through the mail with a receipt. You should also post it on their front door, too.

4. Bargain When Possible

Do you think your tenant’s situation could turn around?

Consider both your tenant’s needs and your own. If you can come up with a reasonable deal, then it’s better to do that than to have to go through the court system.

5. Hire an Expert

Eviction preparation is complex. Experts, like the ones at Rocket Eviction, can help you every step of the way. Hiring an expert will ensure you’re following the law, and it will also speed up the process, too.

Eviction Proceedings in 2021 and Beyond

Eviction proceedings are never easy, but the pandemic has only complicated things. If you’re a landlord, then you could have tenants who haven’t paid rent since early 2020! That’s unacceptable!

If that’s the case, it’s time to get moving with eviction proceedings. Be sure to follow the above five tips to ensure your chances of success without a lengthy battle.

Are you looking for more tips and tricks to get you through 2021? If so, then you’re in the perfect place to get informed. Keep browsing through our blog now to find more of our best articles.

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