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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Pest Control Business


In the US, 14 million housing units saw roaches and 14.8 million saw rodents in the last year.

Maybe you’re one of the unlucky ones and you need help getting rid of pests pronto. But you’re not sure where to start to ensure you hire someone that’s right for the job.

We’re here to help you out! Below are 5 tips to help you out when you’re trying to choose the right pest control business.

1. Check for a Valid License

All pest control professionals must have a valid license from the State Department of Agriculture. Reputable companies will be able to provide you with their license number so you can confirm with the authorities.

If a pest control company doesn’t have a valid license, tries to lie about it, or dances around the issue, then take that as a huge red flag.

2. Look at Their Years of Experience

A company’s years of experience will be closely tied to how well they serve their customers. After all, you can’t stay in business if you don’t generate revenue, and you can’t generate revenue if you don’t keep your customers happy!

So in general, the more years of experience, the better. This means they’ve had the time to hone their skills and have proven they constantly provide high-quality services.

3. Also Look at Their Online Reputation

Years of experience is a good start. The next thing you need to check out is what their online reputation is like.

Thankfully, this is very simple to do. Just Google the company’s name and customers reviews should pop up right away.

Take the time to go through the reviews to see what their strong and weak points are. You can determine if a business is a right fit for you that way!

4. What Chemicals They Use

Typically, pest control services use chemicals to exterminate pests. They should be safe for humans, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have issues.

If you’re concerned about this, then you’ll want to consider using organic pest control services instead. Not only will this be safer for you and your family, but also for your pets and plants.

5. Consider Their Prices

Of course, you should also take a look at prices so you be surprised.

But you shouldn’t just go with the cheapest service you can find, as you’ll get what you pay for. The most expensive company won’t be the best either, as they’re most likely overpricing their services.

Get multiple quotes and eliminate outliers on either end of the spectrum.

Choose the Best Pest Control Business

Hiring the right pest control business can mean the difference between kicking out those unwanted roommates for good or having them linger for longer. So it’s understandable that you want to vet these companies carefully.

By following the information given to you in this article, you’ll be able to weed through the bad apples and end up with a pest control company that you’re happy with!

Did you enjoy our pest control advice? Then keep reading our blog now for more helpful tips!

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