5 Simple Tips for Reducing Cancer Fatigue

5 Simple Tips for Reducing Cancer Fatigue

Cancer is a beast of a disease that harms many people every day.  If it runs in your family, then there’s also the constant worry of when, not if, cancer will appear.  

If you are currently facing the fight of cancer, know that you aren’t alone.  Second, there are ways to help yourself feel better during one of the most difficult treatments for anyone to go through.  It wears down the body and the spirit which is why it is so important to take care of yourself and have a team of people that can also help you throughout the day.

Go on Easy Walks

Cancer is not simple, nor is it easy.  However, going on a walk can be easy especially if you don’t push yourself and just enjoy the walk.  If you can, go in the morning as the sun is rising and enjoy the sunrise; they are particularly beautiful in my opinion!

The reason that you go on a walk and why it helps fatigue is because it gets your blood moving through your body and your joints, helps your body process inflammation and pushes lymph fluid through your body as well.  

The other reason that walks are important for reducing fatigue is that you get outside.  If you are in a facility for cancer treatment, walking around your floor can also help a lot by allowing you to see other patients, greet nurses, and even get to activity areas that can help distract you.  

Remember too that the walk doesn’t have to be long.  If you can only stand for a few minutes, that’s okay!  You did it! Don’t pressure yourself into exorbitant amounts of walking if it exhausts you.  The goal is to help yourself keep moving, not give yourself more pain and fatigue.

Brighten Indoor Areas

While you probably don’t feel like brightening up or holding a smile, it’s important to brighten up the area around you.  Some of the fatigue that cancer patients experience is from depression caused by treatment.  One of the many ways that you can fight that fatigue is by making sure you get plenty of sunlight through open windows, or even by turning on sun lamps.  

Another way to brighten an area is to include pictures that make you happy, bring in air cleansing plants, and use some color to decorate the spaces that you are in the most.  Just because you have to sit or rest doesn’t mean that you can’t have bright or soothing things around you!

Take Cannabis

While this can take some trial and error thanks to how many strains of cannabis there are, it’s important to remember that the end result and goal is to reduce fatigue so that you can enjoy life to the fullest even in the middle of difficult treatment.

Cannabis sativa is often connected to an elevated mood and more energy especially when taken with a small cup of coffee or ginseng tea.  On the flipside, you may find that cannabis indica helps more thanks to the more potent pain reduction factors.  Regardless of which type of cannabis you take, always make sure that you are ready for the side effects of cannabis.  

It used to be that you couldn’t avoid the side effects and had to sit in a state of potentially panic-inducing euphoria, but now there’s HIBEGONE shots that help bring your body back into balance.  Taking cannabis for the benefits and then using HIBEGONE can reduce your fatigue while also avoiding potential side effects as well!

Rest When You Can

Please, please, please do not deny yourself the rest that you need.  If your body is dealing with a lot of fatigue then you are going to be tired.  Yes we can fight fatigue until we are blue in the face, but that isn’t going to take away the fatigue.

Instead of always fighting the tiredness, it is okay to rest during the day if you need to.  Resting can be in the form of reading, gaming, crafting or sleeping.  Honestly it is going to be up to you how you need to rest, just make sure you rest instead of constantly fighting it.

Eat Good Food

I’m sure you are probably tired of even hearing about food since most treatments can lead to a lot of digestive issues.  That’s okay!  The biggest tip is to eat good food.  

It can be high calorie, in fact I suggest it, just make sure what you are eating isn’t heavily processed, contains higher concentrations of good fats, vitamins and minerals and that it is something that won’t upset your stomach.


There are many choice words for cancer.  When you have to deal with the fatigue that it brings, that makes life even harder than it has to be.  That’s why these five tips are a great way to start working against fatigue in your own way.  Try one at a time and not all at once so you don’t overwhelm yourself.  You’ve got this!