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It is well understood that Geese are an issue all year. They don’t have to be, though, if you use a geese repellent and employ goose control treatment at the correct time! A Fall application of a wild geese removal control treatment is a big step toward success the following year! Here are five reasons why he fall is a crucial season for any successful geese control program.

The geese are looking for a place to stay for the winter.

You don’t want that to be your property! You’re aware of how unruly geese can be. A single goose may produce up to 3 pounds of droppings in a single day! This is only one of the reasons you don’t want them to make your property their permanent residence. Employing geese control treatments right before the winters will prevent them from making your lawn as their habitat for the winter.

This time of year, geese move a lot.

Unlike in the summer, a typical flock of geese will visit 7-10 different feeding spots every day during this time of year. They start their winter pond-hopping and foraging routine. Because they have so many “hot locations” that they like to visit, dropping one from their rotation isn’t a huge thing to them. This time of year, since a lot of other locations are available, if your land has been treated with repellents, the geese will simply move on to another feeding area.

In the spring, geese are looking for somewhere to nest.

The primary purpose of any geese control program is to keep the birds from nesting in the spring. If you succeed, you may have little to no goose activity for the remainder of the season by which we promise several months. If you make your property uninviting now, they will be more likely to shun it when it comes time to nest in the spring.

Prepare Yourself for Goose Control Success

Controlling geese is a year-round problem. A successful Flight Control program will necessitate 6-7 applications per year. After the fall application, once you have successfully made your lawns repellent for staying during the winter and nesting during spring, you may go ahead and make it permanently uninviting for the geese through follow-up treatments.

One Flight Control Application Is Effective Throughout the Winter!

Because our geese control repellent will not be washed away by rain, sleet, or snow, an application on dormant grass will last all winter until you start mowing grass again in the spring. This coating will remain on your grass for months, keeping geese from feasting on it! How’s that for longevity!


The most efficient geese control treatment on the market is provided by Geese Chasers. You will see real effects – typically on the first day of applying! You’ve undoubtedly tried a million different methods to get rid of the geese on your property without success.

You should consider seeking professional expertise as planning and execution of goose control treatments without harming the geese is no less intricate. Goose control solutions, thankfully, are what we specialize in. Visit our website today for further details!

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