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5 Best Soundproof Curtains 2023


Curtains are frequently used to block light and decorate a space, but soundproof curtains go above and beyond. Thick, obstructive drapes are frequently used to completely darken rooms and block out street noise. 

Soundproof curtains have found a new usage in recent years as a technique to partition rooms and provide a small sound barrier between individuals who may be on calls or participating in video meetings in the same space. You want to acquire the characteristics in a soundproof curtain that are most important to you.  

When you are going to select the best soundproof curtains, you must consider whether you are looking for cost-effective solution, the amount of soundproofing, the look and feel, or other functions like thermal and light blocking. See our top five selections.

1. Nicetown Custom Hussein Premium Soundproof Curtain

Are you trying to find a way to make your surroundings tranquil and restful? Don’t look further than the soundproof curtain from Nicetown! Using high-quality technical fabric, insulated layers, and blackout fabric to block out light and reduce noise, Nicetown soundproof curtains are made. They include specialised, proprietary inner linings that can cut noise by up to 15 dBs (or 50%), making them ideal for recording or concentration while watching a movie.


  • Nicetown soundproof curtains has the ability to block the noise 2-3 times more than the other soundproof curtains available in the market.
  • Highly densed fabric is used in the production of Nicetown soundproof curtains. So there is less chance of sound penetration.
  • The Nicetown soundproof curtain is not only 100% blackout, but it also has an insulating layer that efficiently blocks heat in the summer and cold in the winter, guaranteeing a comfortable living environment all year long.

2. Loyala Blackout Curtains

The exceptional Triple – Weaved technique and premium 100% polyester fabric give these bedroom curtains an extraordinarily smooth and soft feel. The tactile experience is pleasing, and there are no off-putting chemical odours. Before you got some Loyala blackout window coverings, you had no idea how valuable they were.

Modern Triple-Weaved technology ensures that up to 99% of sunlight and UV rays may be shielded. The deeper the colour, the better the capacity to black out.

The energy-blocking drapes are thick enough to avoid energy transfer between interior and outdoor spaces, which might reduce the need for your air conditioner in both cold and hot weather.

These exceptional noise blocking drapes could not only protect your electrical equipment from the sun, and they could also cut out outside sound, enhancing the quality of your sleep and other activities where you need peace.

3. BONZER Room Divider Curtain

Each window covering in a pair is 108 inches wide by 84 inches long and consists of a single curtain panel. This room-darkening curtain has a solid colour on both the front and back.

They are created in an OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified facility using a durable, supple, triple-weave blackout fabric that filters 90% of sunlight and UV rays. They are made of 100% polyester fabric. Darker colours perform better.

Heavy, thick curtains that block out light may be used as a separator to block out the view of the room, provide you a private space, and lessen outside noise in the living room and bedroom.

These curtains may be used to create private space in urban lofts, flats, shared bedrooms, workplaces, storage spaces, studios, dormitories, schools, etc. as well as blackout curtains for sliding glass doors, fitting room curtains, wardrobe curtains, or photographic backdrops.

4. H.VERSAILTEX Linen Blackout Curtains

The elegant, rich faux linen texture fabric used in this piece’s interwoven construction has a natural blackout effect that blocks at least 85% of sunlight and shields users from harmful UV rays. This opaque piece completely darkens the space, muffles outside noise, and provides complete privacy.

These incredible soundproof window curtains are ideal for thermal insulation, energy conservation, and temperature regulation. Effectively stops the transmission of heat or cold from the outside, seals off draughts in the winter, and keeps warm air out in the summer. Great for allowing you to sleep well on weekends and days off.

5. MIUCO Room Darkening Curtains for Noise Reduction

For napping youngsters, day sleepers, and shift workers, an innovative triple-weave structure of Miuco curtains helps block up to 98% sunlight and 100% UV (darker colours have a better impact).

The window blackout curtains from Miuco are able to block out around 60% of the outside noise that enters the space. Make a quiet, private space for sleeping. Wrinkles will fade after hanging for a few weeks or using a warm iron. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, do not bleach.

Final Thoughts

All soundproof curtains mentioned above can only reduce the sound waves coming to your room. They cannot make the room fully soundproof. Therefore, if you are looking for best soundproof curtains, you must keep in mind that they are noise reducing curtains not soundproof.

You can choose the best soundproof curtains according to your needs if you are looking for a cost-effective solution to cut out the noise coming to your room.

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