Product packaging is a $900 billion industry.

That may seem like an enormous figure, but nearly everything we buy comes in a package. Groceries, beauty products, cleaning supplies, and clothing are just a few of the things that come to mind.

If your company sells something in a package, that process could be affecting your bottom line.

Luckily, investing in a case packer could save you money. Read on to learn all the ways an automatic case packer could improve your business’s packaging line.

1. Improves Productivity

Say your most skilled workers can pack 2 boxes in a minute. But, a robotic case packer could pack 10 boxes in one minute. That means you could expect to pack 5 times as many boxes in the same amount of time.

The more productive your business is, the more time you have to work with. You could use that extra time to come up with new products. You could even expand your market since you’d be able to meet a higher demand.

2. Protects Your Products From Damage

Since case packers are machines, they can pack boxes more precisely than a person could. When a person packs a box, it’s normal to have some variability. With a machine, you can set the exact specs you want and streamline the packing process.

As a result, you’ll get sturdier boxes and more consistent packaging. Plus, when the boxes are transferred to a pallet, it will have a sturdier base which improves the odds of the products arriving safely.

This translates to fewer damaged orders and happier customers. You also won’t have to spend money replacing damaged products.

3. Prevents Worker Injuries

In any manufacturing job, there’s always a slight risk of injury. While you have to carry insurance, you never want a worker to get injured or hurt on the job.

Packing boxes comes with a risk of repetitive stress injuries because you’re repeating the same motion constantly. Luckily, a case packer can protect your workers from these injuries.

These automated packaging systems handle the repetitive work, so you can protect your employees from a dreaded RSI. It will also lower the risk of cuts and scrapes from the packaging itself.

4. Saves Inventory Space

If you’re filling a large order, your workers would need to put together boxes ahead of time. That takes up a lot of valuable space. If there’s a delay in the order, it could create even more space issues.

With a case packer, the machine builds the boxes as you need them. This will save you floor space as well as time and money. You won’t have to worry about transferring empty boxes again.

Since investing in a case packer will save you inventory space, you might not need as much warehouse space. You’ll be able to use the space you do have more efficiently. You may even be able to expand your operation without adding square footage.

Add a Case Packer to Your Operation

A case packer can make your business more productive, protect your products from damage, keep your products from getting injured, and save inventory space. Over time, the time and money you’ll save may even help you expand your business.

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