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3 Virtual Employee Appreciation Ideas That Will Make Your Staff Feel Valued


Based on one study, 69 percent of employees say that being recognized would motivate them to stay at a company.

If you’re worried about employee retention, you may want to learn more about how you can make your team feel more appreciated. However, if you have a remote team, you might not know how to go about things.

This post will explore three virtual employee appreciation ideas that you can implement. If you use these strategies, your virtual employees should feel as though you recognize and value them.

Let’s begin!

1. Ask them How You Can Make Things Easier

When it comes to employee appreciation ideas for virtual employees, a good approach is to simply ask your staff how you can make things easier.

This tactic tends to work well because many employees might not have a great ‘home working’ setup.

This might be because they didn’t expect that they’d be working from home, or they might not have the money to invest in better equipment.

Following this, you should ask them about some of the things they’re struggling with. Once you do this, employees might mention various issues, such as an uncomfortable chair or an ineffective webcam.

After they tell you these things, you can then buy the items that they need.

If you do this, employees will feel as though you actually care about their well-being. This will then make them feel better about working at your company.

2. Send Care Packages

Aside from the other virtual staff appreciation ideas covered here, you might also want to consider sending ‘care packages.’

Care packages are simply boxes that contain various small gifts. You don’t need to include a lot of things, and these items don’t need to cost a lot of money.

If you don’t know what you should include in these care packages, you might just want to find a company that creates gift boxes.

These gift boxes often contain a good assortment of items at a reasonable price, and so they can be a good way to act on this idea.

3. Create an Employee Reward Program

Creating an employee reward program is another way you can make employees feel valued.

Reward programs are often based on a points system, and employees can earn points for a number of reasons. Once employees earn a certain number of points, they will be able to buy items using these points.

Now, managing all this can be a bit tricky, but you can make things easier by investing in specialist employee rewards software.

This kind of software will help you track employee points, and it will also deduct points whenever a reward is redeemed.

Will You Implement These Virtual Employee Appreciation Ideas?

If you use these virtual employee appreciation ideas, your employees should feel as though you recognize them.

Every now and then, you might want to experiment with different employee appreciation strategies. In doing so, you will be able to keep things interesting and this will then keep everyone engaged.

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