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3 Real Estate Marketing Strategies to Attract More Clients


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If there’s one word to describe the business of selling and buying houses, it’s this: competitive.

As a real estate agent, you know this very well. In an industry with more than 1 million active agents, there’s bound to be cutthroat competition. It’s no wonder a good number of real estate agents burn out quickly and leave the profession.

But you’re not an agent who wants to fail. You want to succeed and hit the big bucks. In fact, you already have your own real estate agency.

To help you succeed, we’re sharing a couple of real estate marketing strategies that will help you attract more clients.

Read on!

1. Know Your Target Market

As a real estate agent, anyone who wants to sell or buy a home is a potential customer. But this doesn’t mean you should target everybody. Marketing to everybody is akin to marketing to no one.

To find success in your marketing, it’s crucial to carve out a target market. It’s easy to do this.

You could, for instance, focus on clients in a certain locality in your state. Or, you could define your market by the nature of the transaction. This is to say, you could choose to work with people who’re buying homes.

Whichever way you choose to carve out your target market, ensure you know it. This helps ensure you’re using strategies that can effectively reach that market.

2. Market Yourself First, Then Your Agency

When you have a real estate agency, it’s easy to focus on marketing the business instead of marketing yourself. Without you, your agency is reduced to an office. You’re the face of the business, which is why you should market yourself first.

Marketing yourself as an individual doesn’t mean going all out and placing ads about yourself on television. It means doing all you can to increase your competence as a real estate agent.

For example, have you thought about becoming a realtor? Most clients will choose a realtor over a real estate agent who doesn’t have this credential.

3. Make Your Real Estate Website a Lead Generation Machine

In the Digital Age, it all comes down to your agency’s website. It will make or break your business. According to NAR, 90 percent of homebuyers begin their search on the web!

Is your website showing up in these searches? If it’s not, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

There’s a lot that goes into the development of a proper real estate website. In addition to the traditional standards (such as responsiveness, friendly user interface, and fast load speed), the site needs to be capable of displaying MLS listings.

Thankfully, that’s easy to implement. You just need IDX. But just what is IDX for real estate websites? In simpler terms, it’s a digital technology that enables your website to display MLS data.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies That Work

The real estate industry is super competitive, but this doesn’t mean you can’t succeed as an agent. Several agents have made it, largely by deploying the right real estate marketing strategies. With this guide, you now have strategies that will spur you to the top.

Keep reading our blog for more marketing tips.

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