3 Pieces of Lifting Equipment All Warehouses Should Have

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Did you know that during the COVID-19 pandemic, experts estimate that years of eCommerce growth were achieved in just 3 months?

Due to the lockdowns and stay at home culture required to overcome the virus, demand has never been higher for items from Amazon and its competitors. This has meant that warehousing and shipping companies have been pushed harder than ever to meet this demand.

If you are a warehouse owner you are no doubt interested in increasing the efficiency of your workplace. What warehouse lifting equipment could help you to achieve this? Why not read on to find out.

Fork-Mounted Load Lifter

If you are hosting a large number of items of different shapes and sizes, say those that will eventually reach the supermarket shelf, the Load Lifter may be for you.

You can safely attach a roll cage to the forks on the front of the lifter and lift a large number of miscellaneous items.

This type of lift is usually not powered by an engine, but rather by pneumatics and human workers. If you are looking for a battery or engine equivalent, you will need a forklift truck.

These come in all shapes and sizes and are available from suppliers such as Princeton forklifts.

Lifting Tower

If you need a simple method of holding or raising an item in a confined area, the lifting tower is for you. This is a simple platform on a telescopic tower pole. You can raise or lower the pole according to the job at hand.

These are generally made of metal with strong welds and hardy wheels. This means that if needed you can even use it outdoors.

Whether you want to move a single box that is too heavy for a human, or need to raise a package to a location too high for a human, the lifting tower can help.

Material Lifts

If you need to move large heavy items but do not have the room or the correct environment to use a forklift, you may want to try a material lift. These compact and well-balanced lifters can be used for warehouse, truck unloading and even stacking pallets in high locations.

In some locations, material lifts are being fitted with or replaced by robotic assistants. These will learn the layout of the warehouse and make some basic decisions autonomously.

However, if you don’t have the budget for a fleet of robots, why not stick with the highly flexible and safe material lift.

The Most Effective Warehouse Lifting Equipment and Much More

If you are a business owner you will know that the safe lifting and movement of your goods is a high priority. If you are interested in using warehouse lifting equipment that will improve your warehouse efficiency, then applying the principles above can help you.

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