The Most Common Complaints at McDonalds

While it’s unsurprising that McDonald’s is one of, if not the most popular fast-food chains out there, the popularity comes with a price. Like all fast-food chains, complaints at McDonald’s will always come in.

But if you’re hoping to nail that McDonald’s position interview or take that Employee of the Month title, it helps to become familiar with the reasons someone might make a complaint. Thanks to this easy guide, you can understand some of the most common complaints at McDonald’s so that you can avoid them.

Let’s dive in.

Transition Miscommunication

One of the biggest complaints that McDonald’s customers make occurs because of a miscommunication in transitions. That means that an order gets messed up in the process of passing it on to another station.

It can be easy to see how this might occur, especially in places like the Drive-Thru where you can’t see what a person is saying, and it may be difficult to hear a customer.

There are many ways to practice getting good at keeping orders correct. You can even have fun with it by playing memory games in order to strengthen your brainpower.

Little Things

Another common complaint that McDonald’s gets is for little things that get messed up. Small and inconsequential details like napkins or condiments can pile up for people.

This can be avoided by adding a sign or two for workers that can serve as a reminder to double-check their orders before sending them out. You can also go the extra mile and work a little harder to add the things people might forget to ask for, like ketchup packets or utensils.

One more thing to remember is that this complaint includes orders that are slightly incorrect, like not giving someone the right amount of nuggets or forgetting the cheese on a Quarter Pounder. So it’s important to make sure what they initially asked for is all there, too.

Customer Service

Finally, one of the biggest reasons for negative reviews is bad customer service. This one is tricky because it really lies on your shoulders and depends on the subjective opinion of the customer.

It’s easy to see where this becomes an issue; the Drive-Thru where people can’t see your face can create some problems unintentionally. It can also be tough because you will have bad days where you won’t be in the mood to be bright and cheery.

This is one of those things where doing your best is what counts the most, so just give it your best go.

Navigate the Most Common Complaints at McDonald’s

Now you have a little insight into the most common complaints at McDonald’s. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to find the best way to excel as an employee.

Going above and beyond can be important for a job as simple as a fast-food employee! It takes a lot of work and is definitely essential as we’ve learned this past year.

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