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3 Easy Ways Cobots Reduce Workplace Injuries in the Automotive Industry


If you are a small or mid-sized company, it is currently easier to enter into the automotive industry because of collaborative robots. This is because these robots have made it possible for companies to access all the benefits that come with automation at an incredibly affordable cost. The fact that these robots are easier to use, take up less space, and can be re-deployed to different areas of the production line makes them an attractive option for players in the industry.

However, the benefits of these robots extend far beyond increased productivity. When deployed in a facility, collaborative automotive robots can make it safer. The following are the different ways through which collaborative robots can make your facility safer for your employees by reducing the risks of accidents and injuries.

Reduced cases of chronic pain and injuries

In the assembly line, there are a lot of repetitive tasks.  Tasks like tightening screws, etching labels, assembling different parts, or even packaging, can be done by a collaborative robot. By handling these tasks, these robots free human beings to do less-repetitive tasks. And since studies show that repetitive tasks are responsible for a vast majority of wrist and back pain cases that are common in the manufacturing industry, deploying cobots will definitely reduce the incidences of these injuries.

Therefore, your employees will need less time off as a result of chronic injuries. They will also be in a position to work at their peak productivity since they won’t have to work with a nagging injury or pain. As a result, it creates a win-win outcome for both your employees and your company.

Handling dangerous tasks

Certain processes in a production line are riskier than others. For example, processes that involve laser-cutting, engine foundries, and molding are inherently dangerous. Any employee, no matter how talented and careful, tasked with any aspects of these processes is therefore under an increased risk of injury. This is because such environments are inherently dangerous.

However, the safety benefit of these robots extends beyond working in dangerous environments. Something as simple as picking up heavy loads carries an injury risk to employees. Therefore, you can reduce the rate of injuries in your facility by programming your cobot to handle the loading and offloading processes in your plant.

By letting a robotic system handle these processes, you eliminate all the danger that they pose. Doing so frees the employee from the risk of injury and the catastrophic consequences of accidental mistakes. Therefore, letting a cobot handle such processes makes your facility safer for your employees.

Increased accuracy and reduced accident rates

Human beings tend to lose focus after a while. They are also prone to boredom. These two things increase the risks of them making mistakes. They increase the likelihood of employees injuring themselves and others.

Collaborative robots are designed to help employees make the most of their time. They handle tasks that are more likely to cause boredom and thus freeing your employees to do work that is more engaging. This, in addition to the fact that the robots never get bored or tired, will boost the safety of your facility.

The fact that collaborative robots are more accurate than human beings will also make your facility safer. This is because their accuracy will eliminate incidences of accidental injuries. Therefore, by simply being more focused and more accurate than human beings, collaborative robots will make your facility safer for all your employees.

Deploying collaborative robots in your facility is an easy way of making it more attractive to potential employees. Since the robots will make it safer, it is also a guaranteed method of avoiding all the costs and headaches that are usually associated with processing work injury claims and litigation. This, in addition to the fact that these robotic systems will boost your facility’s productivity, makes them worth investing in.

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