Wax Liquidizer Reviews


    As the name shows, convert your wax into E-juice. It is a mixture that you can use to convert any concentrated cannabis like turn shatter to oil, butter into E-juice. It is the easiest method available to users of marijuana. Wax whizzer transforms almost any kind of cannabis ranging from low BHO to very high concentrated BHO into e-liquid. 

    The launch of the wax liquidizer has modernized the vape industry. Especially after the announcement of cannabis as a legal product, people search for more natural ways to vape or dab, which is a recreational and also medically doesn’t harm. Wax liquidizer review has broadened the cannabis industry and has allowed consumers to dab cannabis products. 

    Turn Concentrates Into E-Liquid

    You can easily convert any concentrate into E-juice in under a minute using the following 3-stages.

    1. Add 1g of concentrate and 2ML of wax liquidizer in a shot glass.
    2. Heat this mixture for 10 sec in a microwave oven after heating use a stainless-steel tool for stirring and making a smooth solution.
    3. Add the e-cig oil into your portable vaporizer using a measuring syringe and enjoy it!

    If you are afraid of microwaves and don’t want to heat the solution in the microwave, there is another solution to your problem. You only need to warm the liquidizer and mix it in the concentrate.  A hot water bath works excellent. People also mix THC e-cig juice in a cartridge with a hot air hair dryer and shake the cartridge.

    The first couple of steps are crucial when using wax liquidizer. The liquid sensitizer converts almost any sort of cannabis concentration into e-juice or vape. Wax is the most common type of concentrates available in the market. One a different kind of concentrates on which wax liquidizer works are:

    • Shatter
    • Honey oil
    • Live Resin
    • Crumble
    • Bubble has
    • BHO
    • Sugar wax
    • Shatter

    There are a broad range of flavors of wax liquidizer byproducts. Wax liquidizer companies offer both retail and whole byproducts to its clients. 

    Some Reviews About Wax Liquidizer

    The best thing about liquidizer is it is FDA approved. Therefore, there is no harm in inhaling it and also don’t have marijuana in it. You know, because of the many brands available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the best for yourself. We will look at some of the wax liquidizers available in the market and will analyze them.

    EJ Mix

    The company is also called Bloomsday. They offer wax liquidizer for making herbal e-juices, and different available flavors are vanilla frosts, orange cream. They are available in 15mL and 50mL packings. They are quite stable, and it doesn’t leak as well. Their tasteless wax liquidizer is more famous than flavored ones.  

    Wax Liquidizer

    It is the leading company in manufacturing wax liquidizer products. They are located in Colorado, and the product description is also available on their website. Their products convert almost any cannabis concentration into e-liquid, and they offer many flavors which include, strawberry, grape ape, banana, and pineapple. The toolkit is also offered with the products; therefore, it is easy to make the solution and vape it. They offer what they say, and their products do what it is supposed to do. 

    Vapeur Extract

    They offer almost 16 flavors, including a flavorless solution to its users. The directions of usage are on the bottle and tool kit. However, their mixing process is a bit tricky as the heating is not favorable in the microwave. The double boiler method is more comfortable when using this product. The taste is perfect, though, and loading into the pen is also easy. However, the vaping experience may not be as good as you are expecting from it. You may end up in severe coughing while vaping it so that you won’t enjoy your vape a lot. 

    Holy Terps

    terpenes for sale or terp has become a catchy phrase nowadays. Their origin is in plants where they function as defense and smell. They are available in liquid and pure forms. Their refined products produce a more potent solution for vaping. The names of their flavors are philosopher, couch lock, chill, jack, and the doctor. The major drawback with them is their mixing process and their taste.

    Do liquidizers turn the vape juice into a dark color?

    The liquidizer shouldn’t change its color at any cost. If you notice any change in the color, it means there is a problem with the liquidizer or THC concentration. Usually, the change in color is due to improper storage.