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3 Basics You Ought to Know About Buying Cycling Knicks For Men

The popularity of cycling continues to be on the rise, especially during the current pandemic era. In Australia, the cycling boom was experienced by all the major cities in the country. The Sydney City Council claimed that the cycling traffic increased by 25% to 50%, while Melbourne’s shot up to 270% from November 2019 to April 2020. Because of this, men’s cycling knicks and other cycling essentials have also become popular in the market.

Cycling knicks are unique pairs of shorts designed specifically for riders. It provides a lot of comfort to the riders, especially for the first-timers. If you have no experience buying cycling knicks for your upcoming rides, these tips will help you find the best pair.

What are Cycling Knicks?

Before purchasing a pair of cycling knicks, you need to understand what it is to know how to get the best one. Knicks are usually made with nylon or tight lycra to prevent the skin from rubbing and help resist sweat. This cycling garment is also lighter and more aerodynamic compared to standard cotton shorts. It also features additional padding to provide comfort between the saddles.

How to Choose a Pair of Cycling Knicks? 

There are several types of men’s cycling knicks available in the market today. However, the regular pairs are easier to put on and off when changing to traditional clothes or if you plan to take a break.

Meanwhile, the bib knicks are almost the same as regular knicks. However, these pairs are designed with straps that go beyond the shoulders. Some cyclists choose this type of knicks, so they no longer need to worry about bunched waistbands or sliding shorts.

Once you decide which knicks to purchase for your upcoming ride, you need to consider the following tips:

#1: Try It On Before Buying 

Keep in mind that cycling shorts must fit your body perfectly while you are in your bike position. It could make you feel a little uncomfortable while standing or walking around, but it will serve its purpose once you ride your bike.

Since the fit is crucial when buying cycling knicks, you need to try it before finalising the purchase. Then, if you can get it from the stores, you can put it on to know how it fits you. However, you need to put on your underwear when trying out the knicks for sanitary purposes. As much as possible, put on your briefs instead of boxers to get the best fit.

#2: Know Your Measurements

If you must purchase it online, you need to know the exact measurement of your waist. A measuring tape can help you determine your current measurements, then compare the measurements with the size guide on the website.

The best way to measure yourself for your cycling knicks purchase is to ensure that the measuring tape is properly levelled all over your body. You must also put the measuring tape closest to your skin and touch your body light. It must not pull too tight because you might get a smaller size. Also, avoid sucking your stomach in because it will affect your measurement.

#3: Know the Proper Cycling Knicks Maintenance 

Once you find the right cycling knicks, you need to ensure that you know how to take care of them to last longer. You must read the product label to learn the appropriate care instructions. But as a general rule in washing your cycling attire, you need to wash the pair of cycling knicks on a delicate cycle using cold water. Then hang them in a clothespin or lay them flat to dry them faster.

It is also best to invest in gentler bleach and detergents to protect the fabric. You may also need to ditch the fabric softeners because they will only clog the fabric and compromise its moisture-wicking property.

Learning the proper way to buy cycling knicks for men is crucial to keep you comfortable while riding your bike. By following these tips, you can have a guarantee that you will never experience any painful discomforts ever again while sitting on top of your bike.

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