Are you new to the world of design? Are you a newbie scratching away on software like Photoshop?

Whatever may be the case, it’s imperative to understand what makes good design.

By understanding the basic concepts and learning from the mistakes of others, you will be able to garner a deep understanding of the design world. And if not, like any other layman with no clue about the industry, you will experience lots of ups and downs and take much more time to reach the proficiency you aspire for.

Here are a few instant tips to keep in mind while designing a creative:

  • Avoid being text-heavy

Graphic design is all about how you present the available information in a minimalistic and presentable manner, using objects, infographics, etc.

Do try to follow this approach to convey the deeper meaning behind every message. It means using symbols or design objects with the use of the minimum amount of text as possible.

  • Don’t be kerning

Avoid giving space between characters of a single word. This practice leads to bad design and distorts the meaning of the word altogether.

So try to space your letters in such a way that they give a clear, organized and easy image to anyone and compels them to read it.

  • Understand the colour psychology

Having a good knowledge of colours and their emotions is very important for all types of designers. It is an integral part of every design and sets the expectations for your business.

So work towards understanding the colour coding and try to make the best use of the same in your design.

  • Align your design

Alignment adds symmetry to your design. So ensure that you make use of scales and grids to align your text in the right order and avoid it from looking messy and unorganised.

Usually, we have four basic types of alignment, right, left, centre and justify. But you can align your text and design in many other ways not just specific to these 4, as per the design requirement.

  • Use vector images

While designing any graphic, many times, we use stock images that increase our ease of creating a design.

But it is important that whenever you use any readymade image or graphic, use the vector version of the same rather than the pixel version.

Vector images or graphics quality does not change if you resize the image while it becomes blurred if you do the same with a pixelated image.

So use vector images to ensure clean and blur-free images in your creative design.

  • Avoid using too many fonts

Using multiple fonts in a single piece of design can give a very messy and unfavourable look.

So avoid using too many fonts and try to use the typography of the brand itself, while designing. And if not, ensure that you do not use more than 2-3 fonts in a design which are simple and easy to read.

  • Make it spacious

Neither too much nor too less spacing are the symbol of an ideal design.

To ensure that there is adequate space between the heading and paragraphs to make out the difference between both at first glance. Also, avoid giving a crowded look to your text.

  • Understand the hierarchy

Use different font sizes to create a distinction between the heading, subheading and body text.

It helps to create and understand the visual hierarchy better and make the text look appealing and communicates well with the viewers.

  • Identify the format before designing

Design can be used in multiple formats, it can be for a magazine, website, wall mount, to name a few.

So try to understand the format before you design. It will help you with all the significant parameters that need to follow while designing.

  • Effectively use contrasts

Contrasts play an important role in the design. Be it contrast in design objects or the text, contrast helps to add volume to your design and make it bold and powerful for everyone who sees it.

  • Ensure ample of negative space in your design

Negative space adds value to your design. It helps to balance your design with the overall background and prevents it from getting a cluttered and messy look.

Adequately using negative space makes it an element of design rather than considering it to be empty space.

  • Don’t create hard to read text

Hard to read text refers to text which blends with your background and forces users to glance deeply at it to read.

Such a design which forces the reader to emphasize while reading is the sign of bad design. So ensure that your text does not mix with the background but stands out and helps the viewer to read it while passing by.

  • Communicate effectively

Communicating with the audience is important because ultimately, whatever design you create is for your target audience.

So ensure that it is user friendly and matches the taste and preferences with your audience rather than your personal choice.

  • Avoid being too symmetric

Being symmetric is important, especially when you are designing for a formal corporate event.

But also, try to experiment with your design. Add a new angle to your symmetry, depending upon the target audience for your design.

So be symmetric with your design but don’t overdo it as it may sound boring.

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