10 Facts You Might Not Know About Neymar

10 Facts You Might Not Know About Neymar

When you think of Brazilian football, it’s hard not to picture the flair, style, and extraordinary talent of Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, commonly known as Neymar. From his remarkable transfer deals to his dazzling displays on the pitch, Neymar has consistently been in the spotlight. However, while his professional achievements are well-known, there are many intriguing facets of his life that fly under the radar. In this article, we’ll delve into some lesser-known Facts About Neymar that provide a glimpse into the man behind the football superstar.

Facts About Neymar: Unveiling the Brazilian Maestro

1. From Santos to Stardom

Before shining on the European stage, Neymar’s journey started with Santos FC. He joined their academy at the tender age of 11 and went on to represent the senior team, making it his sole Brazilian club before moving to Barcelona.

2. Birthday Brilliance

On his 20th birthday, Neymar netted his 100th professional goal in style against Palmeiras. This rare achievement highlighted his precocious talent early in his career.

3. The Real Madrid Miss

While most associate Neymar with Barcelona and PSG, few realize that he almost donned the white jersey of Real Madrid at just 14. Santos, however, successfully wooed him back with a lucrative offer.

4. West Ham’s Ambitious Bid

English club West Ham United was the first European side to recognize Neymar’s talent, tabling a bid of £12 million. This move sparked interest from other major European clubs.

5. World Cup Wait

In 2010, despite a growing reputation, Neymar missed out on a World Cup spot for Brazil. However, post the tournament, he soon became a mainstay in the national team, impressing on his debut against the USA.

6. Fatherhood at Nineteen

At just 19, Neymar embraced fatherhood with the birth of his son, David Lucca. He has kept the identity of the mother private, prioritizing her and the child’s well-being.

7. Record-Breaking Transfers

Neymar’s transfer sagas have always been epic. His move from Santos to Barcelona for nearly $100 million was a massive deal in 2013. Yet, it was dwarfed by his astounding $263 million transfer to Paris Saint-Germain in 2017.

8. A Timeless Cover

Neymar enjoys the unique distinction of being the only Brazilian athlete to grace the cover of TIME magazine, showcasing his immense global appeal.

9. Youthful Prosperity

By the age of 26, Neymar had already established himself as one of the world’s wealthiest athletes. His lucrative contracts and endorsements place him among football’s top earners.

10. Marketing Maverick

Neymar’s marketability is unparalleled. In 2012 and 2013, SportsPro Magazine named him the most marketable athlete globally, a testament to his immense global appeal and brand power.

Neymar Jr in Saudi Arabia: A New Chapter

Neymar JR‘s recent move to Al-Hilal in the Saudi League has taken many by surprise. Departing PSG after six successful years, Neymar is embarking on a new adventure in Saudi Arabia. His transfer, worth approximately 90 million euros, reiterates his value in the footballing market. With the Saudi Professional League attracting several high-profile players, Neymar’s presence will undoubtedly elevate its stature.

In a recent press conference, Neymar lauded the Saudi League‘s competitiveness, hinting that it might even surpass France’s Ligue 1 in terms of quality. His commitment to Al-Hilal and his drive for more titles is evident, reflecting his insatiable hunger for success.


Neymar’s journey, from the beaches of Brazil to the global footballing stage, is one of grit, talent, and immense passion. As he embarks on his new chapter in Saudi Arabia, fans worldwide will keenly follow his exploits, knowing that with Neymar on the pitch, magic is just a moment away.