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Why We Need To Change To R401A Aircon Refrigerant


The refrigerant in your air conditioning and heating unit is crucial. In order to have cool air in your house, you need a refrigerant. Your air conditioner would not be able to cool the air without it. If your home uses a heat pump, the refrigerant could potentially be responsible for warming the air.

In order to comply with regulations, the refrigerant utilised in Air conditioners is changing. Maintenance costs and efficiency may be affected by this alteration. To make sure your home remains pleasant during the change, check out the following information:

Differences in Performance:

R-410A is optimised for use with newer kinds of air conditioning and allows for more reliable and efficient operation. In contrast to R-22, R-410A is better at absorbing and dissipating heat, allowing your air conditioner’s compressor to operate at lower temperatures and so minimising the likelihood of early failure.

New compressors are designed to resist greater strains, lessening the likelihood of cracking, because R-410A operates at a higher pressure than R-22. Put R-410A refrigerant into a system made for R-22, and the pressure will be too great, causing the device to fail.

  • Less Energy:

In order to prevent the compressor from drying out, all air conditioners utilise oil. Air conditioning systems that use R-22 use mineral oil, whereas those that use R-410A use synthetic oil. In general, R-410A and synthetic oil mix better than mineral oil and R-22. Thus, the R-410A system uses less energy while running, which saves the compressor from early failure.

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The Pressure at Which R401A Functions is Greater:

In a perfect world, swapping to R401a would entail nothing more complicated or expensive than draining the Freon from your current air conditioner and replacing it with Puron. But that is not how the world really operates. The chemical make ups of R401a and R22 could nt be more dissimilar.

  • Switching to R401a from R22:

Putting R401a into an R22 air conditioner would instantaneously rupture and fail due to the substantially greater pressure level at which R401a operates. In order to use Puron and deal with the higher internal pressure this refrigerant creates, older air conditioners can be upgraded. The problem is that the price of repair services typically exceeds the price of a brand new air conditioner.

Switching to R401a will require replacing nearly every important part of your current air conditioning system. Worse, despite the ridiculous prices of these efforts, buyers have zero recourse to any sort of assurances or safeguards. No manufacturer or homeowner warranty will stand once you modify their R22 air conditioner to run on R401a.

Reasons for Switching to R401a Aircon Refrigerant:

Substitute for R22 is R410A. Newer HVAC units are built to work with this alternative refrigerant. Systems bought after 2010 are likely to use R410A. Many things set R410A apart from R22. Here are a few of the most compelling arguments in favour of the switch:

  • Ozone Layer Depletion: Because R22 depletes the ozone layer when it leaks, its use has been restricted. Therefore, it poses a threat to the Earth’s survival.
  • Cost Savings: As R22 is being phased out, its availability will decrease, increasing prices and making repairs prohibitive. If your service professional cannot obtain R22 to conduct repairs, your system’s efficiency will suffer greatly.
  • Energy Efficient: R410A is more energy efficient than R22 because it absorbs and releases heat more effectively. In addition, it quickly heats or cools your home because its temperature changing abilities are more flexible.
  • Performance Enhancement: R22 is less heat tolerant than R410A, making it more likely to induce a compressor burnout.

The benefits of R410A are sufficient to warrant the switch even if R22 were not being phased out. When taken together, however, these arguments make it clear why upgrading to a new system is a smart move.

Some Other Benefits of Updating Your Air Conditioner:

The R22 air conditioners in many homes have been in use for years. Almost all of the R22 air conditioners that are still in use today are well over a decade old. By this point in their lifespans, most air conditioning systems have already lost 50% of their efficiency, and they will continue to lose efficiency until they are replaced.

If you want to avoid the bother of having to find Freon, pay more for Freon, and track down HVAC experts who are equipped to work on an R22 air conditioner, upgrading your system now is the best option. You will get to enjoy a more cutting edge and effective cooling system, as well as sample cutting edge domestic AC technology.

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