Why Lenox Band Saw Blades Are The Best Choice For Metalworks

Why Lenox Band Saw Blades Are The Best Choice For Metalworks

If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable, and versatile band saw blade for your metalworking operations, you should consider Lenox. It’s a leading manufacturer with over a century of experience in the industry.

Lenox offers blades for a variety of applications, materials, and machines, such as:

Carbide Band Saw Blades

These blades are designed for cutting hard and abrasive materials, such as titanium, stainless steel, nickel alloys, and tool steel. They feature high-performance backing steel and optimised carbide grades for superior wear resistance and longer life.

Bi-Metal Blades

These blades are made of two metals, a high-speed steel edge and a flexible alloy steel back, that are welded together to form a single blade. This combination results in blades that are cost-effective, durable, and suitable for most metal sawing applications.

Carbon Blades

These blades are made of carbon steel, which is an economical and flexible material that can be used for cutting wood, plastic, aluminium, and other non-ferrous metals. These blades are ideal for general-purpose cutting and light-duty applications.

Lenox band saw blades are not only made of high-quality materials but also engineered with advanced technologies and features, such as:

Precision forming process: This process ensures that each tooth of the blade is accurately shaped and set, resulting in consistent performance and smooth cuts.

Unique tooth geometry: Lenox designs each blade with a specific tooth geometry that is optimized for the material and application. This enhances the cutting efficiency, quality, and speed of the blade.

Patented Tuff Tooth design: This design reduces tooth strippage and breakage, by reinforcing the tooth tip and increasing the tooth height. This extends the blade life and reduces the downtime and cost of blade replacement.

Wear-resistant coating: Lenox applies a special coating to some of the blades, such as Armor RX+ and Tri-Master, that reduces friction and heat, and protects the blade from corrosion and wear. This improves the cutting performance and longevity of the blade.

Lenox band saw blades are not only superior in quality and performance, but also supported by excellent service and support from Lenox. Lenox offers:

Customized solutions

Lenox can customize the band saw blades according to your specific needs and preferences, such as length, width, thickness, pitch, tooth shape, and set. You can easily order your custom Lenox band saw blades online from BandSawBladesDirect.com, which is an authorized Lenox dealer.

Digital products

Lenox provides digital tools and platforms that help you monitor, optimize, and improve your sawing operations, such as LENOX 360, SawCalc, and Lenox Advantage. These products provide real-time insights, data analysis, recommendations, and feedback on your band saw blades and machines.

Technical support

Lenox has a team of experts and consultants that can assist you with any questions, issues, or challenges that you may encounter with your band saw blades. You can contact them by phone, email, or online request form, and they will provide you with prompt and professional service.

Where to Find Lenox Band Saw Blades?

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