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Why DIY Duct Cleaning is a Bad Idea: Hire a Professional for Best Results

Most of us enjoy and prefer uninterrupted services from our home or office HVAC systems. Sadly, at times we do have to face issues with its smooth functioning. This happens due to the accumulation of dirt in the air ducts. This in turn affects air quality in our home as air ducts get clogged with mold, dander, dust, and suspended air particles. Having your air conditioning working to full efficiency is very important if you work from home and live through summers and winters indoors. Regular cleaning of air ducts by duct cleaning Melbourne becomes important. HVAC systems and air duct cleaning can be not that easy if you wish to consider DIY methods. They are best left to professionals like duct repair Melbourne service experts as they are trained to not only repair and replace parts that need changing but do a professional cleanup.

Reasons to Not Try DIY Duct Cleaning

Air ducts are tube-like networks that carry cool or hot air all across your home. So if you want fresh and healthy air inside your house, hiring experts is advisable. Ducts run from the furnace, across crawl spaces, walls, ceilings, or basements to reach every room. So cleaning them involves sucking out debris and dust and also harmful mold and other contaminants trappedSo unless you are confident about a thorough cleaning, you might end up doing harm to ductwork that needs technical training. Reasons why Duct cleaning Melbourne specialists are better than your efforts are-

You Lack the Right Equipment

As a DIY cleaner, you would be using a vacuum and its hose attachment for cleaning the air ducts. But this is not enough for properly cleaning your air ducts. Ordinary vacuums are not powerful and cannot access the deeper areas that need cleaning and only reach some areas. For a complete cleaning, you need professional equipment that would make it costly and impractical. It would be far easier to hire professional cleaners to remove all contaminants.

DIY Cleaning Might Release Dust into the Air

If you cannot properly suck out dust and other contaminants from air ducts, they will re-circulate back into indoor air increasing health risks and triggering allergies and other symptoms. So your cleaning efforts will only add to more polluted air inside the house.

Damage to Ducts

The air ducts are made of delicate materials and need to be handled by technically qualified cleaners. They have to be sealed well for proper airflow inside your rooms. By one mistake from you, your air ducts may get ripped and damaged causing problems to the whole HVAC system. Insulated and flexible ducts are easily damaged if not handled properly.  This would be best handled by Duct repair Melbourne experts who identify problems and offer professional cleaning and repairs. So by opting for DIY methods you risk damaging your heating or cooling system which might cause extra costs and also increase health issues.

Why Hire Professional Cleaners?

Ductworks are intricate and important for overall comfort. Professionals can not only clean better but spot leaks or other dangerous areas to do timely repairs and replacements to extend your system’s life. Let us look at the benefits of professional services-

Avoid Contamination

The importance of breathing clean hair has increased since the pandemic. As a DIY cleaner, as you try to remove pollutants from air ducts yourself, you will be exposing yourself to contamination like mold, mildew, dirt, and pet fur. Also with no proper tools, you cannot remove all the dirt which will get pushed back into the house. Only professionals like Duct cleaning Melbourne experts can safely and effectively remove this with the right method and tools. They can also remove all the unpleasant odors and smells trapped in the air ducts. This in turn will help avoid breathing discomfort issues and allergies.

Complete Clean Up All the Parts

Hiring professional cleaners is a huge benefit since they clean all parts of your cooling and heating units. They open up the system and its parts, deep clean and then put them back together. DIY cleaners like you will not have the expertise or tools and might damage the parts.  Professional cleaning improves airflow efficiency, saving you money on energy bills with all parts functioning well.

Use of the Right Chemicals

Air ducts get dirty over time and when there is an accumulation of bacteria, mildew, or mold, stronger chemicals are required to remove them fully. Without training you cannot have access to all these chemicals and would not know their proper handling. If you try doing this on your own you will be risking your life and that of your family.

Finally, air duct cleaning is something you have to do once yearly. If you wish to tackle this on your own you can remove registers and vacuum out visible dust from the air ducts located beneath the air registers. But if you see you are being affected by persistent health issues, dusty interiors, uneven heating or cooling your safest and only option is to call the experts for deeper cleaning. This will prolong your HVAC system’s life and ensure clean air inside your home.



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