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Where to find a quality proxy for any task

Every year the need to use proxy servers for ordinary Internet users is increasing. The reason for this is the constant blocking of various resources, different conditions for visiting Internet sites for visitors from different countries, etc.

For example, have you tried looking at the price of the same product when entering from different countries? Try it and discover a lot of interesting things! 🙂

Free proxy servers can be used, but they have many disadvantages:

  1. Low speed of work. Dozens of users can work simultaneously through one IP.
  2. No guarantee of availability. “It works today, but not tomorrow,” is a common occurrence for them.
  3. There is usually no user support of any kind. And if there is one, it is usually through the collective support of each other in social networks and forums. And if there is full-fledged support, at least by e-mail, then, as a rule, the standards for the response speed are not established and they can be waited for days.
  4. Most of the popular resources already know about most of the popular proxy servers. And from these IPs it will immediately become clear that you are hiding something or are trying to get out through another country.
  5. Security. It is completely absent and this is the most important thing. A free public server can broadcast information about you anywhere. In addition, it may have been opened long ago and infected by hackers, which will also not help in terms of security.

Most of the paid proxies from well-known companies are devoid of all this. For example, proxy servers from https://proxy-seller.com/. They have individually and wholesale options with a discounted price for each individual server. Perhaps their main advantage is extremely low ping and high channel speed, and buying in bulk you will not get a list of IPs in one subnet, they will all be scattered across subnets, providers and location in the desired country!

Personally, I also like the ability to pay via Bitcoin and Litecoin, which provides maximum anonymity, but there is also the possibility of paying with bank cards and electronic money, if you are not an adherent of cryptocurrencies.

Especially the issues of security and anonymity have become relevant due to the massive transition to remote work from home. Specifically, I do not do this, but I know that many people from home manage to work for different companies in different countries. And here it is very important not to declassify yourself and not manage to transfer any working documents to the public, working over an insufficiently secure channel. In this case, free proxies will not work either, you need to take paid and unique ones for work!

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