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What You Need to Know About Managing a Fleet


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Did you know in 2017, the trucking industry generated around 700 billion dollars in the US? Some truck drivers look for management opportunities. If you want to learn about fleet management, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over some tips on managing a fleet.

Want to learn more? Keep reading.

Know When to Replace Vehicles

Asset management is another part of managing a fleet. You will need to understand the lifecycle of your vehicles. Think about when you should replace them.

Knowing when to replace a fleet will help you save money on breakdowns and unexpected repairs.

Schedule Maintenance and Repairs

Making sure that vehicles get regular maintenance and repairs done is part of a manager’s job.

You will need to ensure that your fleet’s in top condition. This way, you’ll keep your drivers and other motorists safe.

Tire management will also be another important task for fleet managers. When tires get inflated property, drivers save money on gas and lengthen the lifespan of the tires.

You’ll Need to Deal With Accidents

At some point, an accident might happen. You’ll need to learn how to handle accident reports.

Managing accidents include figuring out disciplinary action for at-fault drivers. You’ll also need to go over driver safety training.

Find Reputable and Qualified Drivers

As a fleet manager, you’ll need to hire competent drivers. Reputable drivers will represent the company to customers.

When searching for drivers, make sure you do a background check. Ask to see the driver’s driving license, and make sure it has the appropriate class requirements.

Does the driver have Department of Transportation’s medical card? What about a Commercial Driving License to operate trucks?

The driver should pass an alcohol and drug screening and have a steady employment history.

What About Fuel Management?

Fuel prices are a central part of fleet operating costs. A fleet manager will need to understand how much vehicles cost to fuel up each time.

Also, the manager will need to understand where and when drivers fuel up. This way, they can figure out discrepancies or trends. You could also look at getting fuel delivered to your drivers by Instafuel.

Some small businesses will let employees use vehicles from home or personal vehicles. Yet, the expenses could increase because drivers fuel their trucks on the company’s card.

Make sure you monitor fuel costs and consumption and know where the vehicle’s located.

Plan Routes

Route planning and optimization are other vital considerations. Some fleets will end up operating on a fixed route, while others vary each day.

As a fleet manager, you’ll want to determine the best route for drivers. This way, the jobs will get completed on time.

Now You Know More About Managing a Fleet

We hope this guide on managing a fleet was helpful. As a fleet manager, you’ll need to spend time creating the best routes. You’ll also need to schedule regular maintenance and track fuel consumption.

Are you looking for more helpful tips? Check out our resources on finance and business.

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