What Is UGC And How Can It Be Used In Events Marketing

The real driving force behind every event is the visitors. The success of an event can be judged on two main factors – the number of visitors and the overall engagement of the visitors during the event. 

While event marketers are continuously finding new ways to improve the engagement of the visitors, utilizing User-Generated Content during events can help event marketers drastically improve the overall engagement of the visitors and instill more excitement within them about the event. 

Continue reading the blog till the end as you would get to know all about User-Generated Content and how it can be used to market the event more effectively. 

Introduction to User/Visitor Generated Content

As the name suggests, User or Visitor Generated Content is the content created by the users or the audience of the event and due to its authentic and genuine nature, other customers or the potential audience is more likely to believe and pay heed and attention to the content. 

Such content can be in various forms. Be it photos, videos, gifs, reviews, etc., and is present widely on social media, websites, apps, or a digital wall. 

To put across the credibility and how effective User-Generated Content is, have a look at a few statistics mentioned below – 

  • Around 50% of people trust User-Generated Content more than any other form of marketing 
  • More than 85% of users go through other customers reviews and testimonials before finally purchasing a product
  • A whopping 93% of customers found User-Generated Content extremely helpful while making a purchase related decision 

We are sure these statistics must have convinced you to leverage User-Genen Content – the most powerful and result-driven form of content available online. 

Now that you know the significance of User-Generated Content, in the next section, we will be telling you about how UGC can be used to market your event and gain attention and maximum engagement from your audience. 

Ways In Which Event Marketers Can Use User/Visitor Generated Content

  • Improvise Social Media Campaigns Using User-Generated Content 

Social media is a giant pool of User-Generated Content since social media users highly leverage these platforms to share their reviews and experiences or voice their opinions about various matters. 

If you are planning a social media campaign as a part of your promotions or before the event, then leveraging User-Generated Content can help you tremendously increasing the reach of the campaign since people would be excited and feel like becoming a part of your social media campaign. 

  • Escalate The Sales Of The Tickets 

The most challenging part of marketing events is to convince people to buy the tickets. By displaying User-Generated Content on various marketing touchpoints, you will be able to gain the trust of people and when they see other people buying tickets, your potential audience will also feel the need to purchase tickets resulting in more sales. 

  • Utilize Social Proof To Increase Sales

Leveraging User-Generated Content is a great way to build a solid social proof of the event. Building social proof of the brand ultimately leads to an increase in the engagement levels of the audience that further interests the audience and motivates them to purchase the tickets to the event. 

Ideas For Using User-Generated Content During Event Marketing 

  • Create A Hashtag Campaign On Social Media

One of the best ways to generate and use User-Generated Content while promoting the event is by hosting a hashtag campaign.

Simply decide on a trending, crisp, fun, and an easy to remember hashtag and convince your followers and other social media users to participate in the campaign by posting content using the hashtag.

  • Feature Your Attendees On A Social Wall

A great way to increase engagement and encourage interactions during the event can be achieved by featuring your audience on a social wall. 

You can do so by conducting an activity to convince and motivate your audience to post tweets or any content on social media during or before the event begins.

You can, later on, display the content after collecting it using a social media aggregator and display it on a social wall in event to excite the audience. 

Such an activity would compel the other visitors also to participate in the event activity since they would also enjoy being featured on the social wall. 

  • Run Contests & Giveaways 

Another great way of generating User-Generated Content and promoting it on social media can be done by hosting a few contests and giveaways. 

Contests and giveaways work extremely well to attract the audience since it offers freebies and prizes to the winners and everyone likes surprises.

As a prize, you can offer free tickets to the event to the winners. This would further accelerate the excitement of the audience and they would be compelled to participate.

Closing Note 

As mentioned above, User-Generated Content is an extremely helpful form of content that works incredibly well especially while marketing an upcoming event.

We are at the end of the blog and are sure that you are now aware of the best practices to keep in mind and the benefits of using User-Generated Content.

Go on and plan your upcoming event utilizing the power of User/Visitor Generated Content!

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