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What Is Influencer Marketing and Why Is It So Effective?

One common digital marketing question to arise in recent years is what is influencer marketing? Influencers are just that — people who are able to influence the goods and services that others buy.

Many non-celebrity people have been able to grow their brands as influencers, and they’ve been able to influence the growth of other brands as well. They’ve even been able to turn their influencer status into full-time (and well-paid) jobs.

In the following article, we’ll be discussing how influencer marketing works and why it’s so darn effective at helping companies grow their brands. Let’s begin!

1. Influencers Form a Close Bond With Their Audience

Influencers are more than just celebrities. They’re celebrities who made their reputation by engaging with their audience.

An actor might make millions of dollars for a single movie and never speak to a single one of their fans. Influencers do all their work from their influencer marketing hub, responding to messages, leaving comments, and making it easy for their audience to interact with them.

2. Influencers Partner Well With Other Influencers

Building a personal brand usually isn’t done in a vacuum. Influencers are good at finding other non-competing influencers who complement the work they’re doing. From there, they are able to build partnerships that lead to both influencers growing their audience through cross-channel exposure.

3. Influencer Marketing Produces Data You Can Use

A brand influencer is able to take the robust analytics provided on their social media channels and learn more about their audience than creators of other types of content ever have in the past. Look at this contrasting example to put it all in perspective.

Actors find it difficult to get paid backend royalties on their movies because they don’t have any control over the data on their films. Movie studios hold all that power, and they are good at making every movie look like it lost money. This is a practice so common in the film industry that it’s called “creative accounting.”

Influencers, in contrast, know everything about their users. They know user names, geographic locations, how long they’ve watched a video, how many videos they’ve viewed once, and how many were viewed multiple times.

4. Influencer Marketing Is Good for Building Your Own Platform

The purpose of digital marketing is to get users to your own website. Build a direct relationship so you’re not reliant on any other company to foster the bond between you and your audience. Influencers might make the most connections on their social platforms, but they make their most profitable connections by shepherding their users to personal websites.

5. Influencer Marketing Is Scalable

You can employ an influencer agency to put many of these cornerstone principles into practice. They can help you find the right partners for your product or service, so you’re not having to do all the heavy lifting yourself. Just make sure you’re working with agencies that are well-connected in the industry for the platform you’re hoping to use.

Join the Influencers to Learn More About What Is Influencer Marketing

We hope this answers the question of what is influencer marketing for you and, more importantly, shows you why it’s so effective in growing your brand. All it takes is finding the right influencer capable of building the right followers and partnerships to put your product or service over the top.

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