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What is a Justifiable Quotation for SEO?



When it comes to the success of our business, no investment is so outrageous that it cannot be taken into account as long as it can guarantee a substantial increase in turnover. And that’s why more and more people nowadays are turning to the services of companies that deal with search engine optimization and external traffic management.

But as any responsible person, you are probably curious about what kind of quotation for SEO you can expect from an SEO company and what services are covered at this price. In the following article, we will discuss and analyze the elements that influence an SEO quotation, show you the specific details you should pay attention to in your SEO analysis, and reveal how to choose the right company for your needs.


What is a Quotation for SEO? 

An SEO quotation, also called an SEO proposal, is simply the fee that will be submitted to you by a professional SEO company for the services they provide. What are these services? First of all, they start with a complete audit of your website in which the position in the search engine rankings is established. They also include the analysis of the keyword incidence on your website compared to the competition, an examination of the technical parameters of your website, such as the loading speed of the pages, and also the incidence of links leading to inactive pages.

The audit process offered by a professional SEO company can take several weeks, and use tools such as Semrush, Spyfu, CognitiveSEO, or Advanced Web Ranking. What you need to be aware of is that a professional SEO company will only be able to prepare a proper quotation for SEO after the audit process has been completed, as the factors found during the audit are the ones that ultimately influence the price proposed to the client.

What’s a Reasonable SEO Quotation? 

This question depends on many factors, so it is best to get in touch with a professional SEO company that will provide you with a custom SEO quotation that will apply precisely to your situation. It is possible to purchase separate SEO packages that offer services such as analysis and management of primary and secondary keywords, technical audits, competitor and backlink analysis, and access to quarterly reports that analyze your progress, but it’s always best to consult with the SEO company beforehand.

What needs to be pointed out is that SEO campaigns can be limited to Local SEO and International SEO. Local operations are a little cheaper and can start at $500 per month. Still, international ones can be more expensive, and a decent-sized company can pay several thousand dollars monthly for professional search engine optimization. That said, a quotation for international SEO often usually falls between $2500 and $5000 per month.

SEO is the Best Way to Improve Your Domain Authority Score

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What is the ultimate goal of this optimization? Attracting new visitors through organic methods which will lead to increased revenue for your website and a higher DA score. The company that initially proposed the SEO quotation will often aim to increase your DA score to values of 50+ or even 60+, which will show the search engine that you are an authority in the field and that the products or services marketed by you are of excellent quality.

The quotation for SEO received will include how the company you are working with tries to increase your score. The methods can be multiple, from working on optimization to solving existing technical problems on the site or managing backlinks received from other domains. But even if the strategies to achieve an increased DA score are multiple, the result is the same: a better ranking in the search engine analytics data, which will bring a higher flow of visitors and increased profit for the client.

Why is it Worth Paying these Amounts?

Because ultimately, SEO is the most cost-effective way to grow your company’s reputation. It is up to ten times more effective than focusing on social media alone. And the money you spend on an SEO campaign should be seen as an investment in your brand, which should eventually lead to a positive ROI.

The results are not immediate, often requiring a minimum of three months before seeing a positive trend, but what is important to remember is that once they occur, their effect can be long-term. Admittedly, it is not permanent, trends and preferences are constantly changing, which is why the SEO process must be maintained even after the first expected results, but just as it took a while for your website to rise in search engine analytics and improve its DA score, it will take a bit for it to fall.

It’s all About Your Profit Margins


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Let’s do a little imaginative exercise. Let’s say you are the owner of an online flower shop with around 10,000 visitors per month, and of those, approximately 2.5% order products from your website, the average order value being $50. Doing the math, we find that you receive 250 orders on your site every month, which brings you an average of $12,500. That’s not bad, but you can do better.

Let’s say you implement a successful SEO campaign that manages to increase the number of visitors to your site by 50% through backlinks from specialized sites. By optimizing keywords on the site, you have also managed to increase the percentage of people interacting with your domain from 2.5% to 3.5%. If the average order value on the site remains the same, your monthly income will grow to $26,250 per month.

You could more than double your profit for a monthly investment of less than ten percent of the amount you will receive. That quotation for SEO you got a few months ago doesn’t seem like such a large amount anymore, does it? This is why SEO is so sought after and implemented by more and more companies and why it is crucial to know the whole SEO process before you get an SEO quotation. The results are not immediate, but they are almost guaranteed, and when they appear, you will conclude that the whole process was worth it.


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