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Virtual Staffing in Post-COVID Era: How to Hire Employees Nowadays

Millions of workers in the United States were laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic. While some of these layoffs were temporary, many industries suffered from a decreasing number of talent.

As the pandemic is starting to subside, companies are reviewing their staffing techniques. With remote work taking precedence and social distancing still in effect, virtual staffing is gaining popularity. employers are now able to focus more on other aspects of their jobs and personal lives with the support of a virtual executive assistant.

The ability to find and hire an employee without person-to-person contact is highly appealing to businesses across all industries.

The Rise in Demand for Virtual Assistants

Hiring a virtual assistant (VA) can help companies save up to 78% on operating costs annually. With COVID-19 landing millions of people at home without jobs, such specialists became more accessible. A wide pool of talent is available for hire without the need to pay overhead costs associated with in-house employees.

Virtual assistants are no longer remote employees who help with manual and repetitive tasks (although such VAs are still available). Today, companies outsource a wide variety of responsibilities to such employees. They can do anything from call intake to software testing.

Instead of going through a traditional hiring process, signing a contract with a VA is simple. You can either find a freelancer on your own or work with a virtual staffing agency. Either way, it’s possible to the right candidate within a short period of time for an on-project, hourly, or monthly basis.

With a virtual assistant, you don’t need to worry about paying a salary, arranging benefits, and preventing turnover. Outsourcing to such specialists saves time and money while giving you access to top-notch experts.

HR Software Can Streamline the Virtual Hiring Process

Today, the entire hiring process can be done without involving face-to-face contact. Even when contact limitations won’t be necessary anymore, the new structure is likely to stay. Remote hiring is highly convenient. It saves time both for the employer and the candidate.

Meanwhile, with the help of the right software, it’s possible to streamline the entire process, maximizing your chances of hiring the right talent. HR specialists can go through thousands of resumes, trying to find the best fit for a position. According to Allshore, virtual staffing agency, HR software can help find the best candidates for further review, saving employers a substantial amount of time.

Interviews Are Conducted Online

Remote hiring is enhanced by high-quality video conferencing software. It’s possible to conduct interviews online without spending time and money on commute. With the right software, companies can interview dozens of candidates per day without facing scheduling conflicts.

The remote interviewing process benefits employees as well. Candidates can speak to their potential employers from the comfort of their own home, thus minimizing the stress associated with the process.

Remote interviews are faster, more relaxed, and highly productive. This practice is likely to remain after the pandemic is over.

High-Quality Digital Presence Makes it Easier to Find Candidates

More than 55% of Americans believe that social professional networks are a trusted source of job listings. Since the majority of people is now looking for a job online, it’s imperative to streamline the digital presence.

Regardless of the epidemiologic situation, the key steps in the job search are done on the internet. Without high-quality online listings and a LinkedIn profile, a company may not be visible to the top talent.

Some companies are dedicating a portion of their website to recruitment, making filling out the application and sending a resume as easy as a few clicks.

Artificial Intelligence Will be Making a Stand  

Regardless of the pandemic, AI has been going strong. More and more tasks are done by apps, which in the future can replace employees. From executing customer service tasks (chatbots) to making market predictions, AI is going to become an integral part of staffing as well.

The Takeaway

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the hiring process changed from person-to-person interactions to virtual interviewing, document signing, and onboarding. Since this approach proved to be highly efficient, it’s not likely to change once the pandemic subsides. Virtual staffing saves both time and money while giving companies access to a wider talent pool. 


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