Top Uses for Hot Air Tools

    Top Uses for Hot Air Tools

    Hot air tools are surprisingly versatile pieces of equipment. There are many different types and some can be quite specific for the purpose. To get the most out of your tool you must choose the right one for the job. However, what are the main reasons you would use a hot air tool? Whether you are looking for the ideal hot air tool to use the kitchen or for a contracted job to thaw frozen pipes, this guide is for you. Continue reading to discover the top uses for hot air tools.

    Drying Out Damp Wood

    In an ideal world, the sooner wooden planks and wooden sheets, particular those made of timber planks, are dried after being extracted from the woodland, the better.

    The good news is that established expert suppliers, such as offer an incredibly wide array of different tools that can get the job done properly.

    Just remember that when using a hot air heat fun to dry out wood, always use the lowest possible heat setting.

    Touching-Up Your Car

    Not only can professional hot air tools be used to complete a large commercial contract, but you can also invest in, for example, a hot air blower for personal use too.

    A fine example of this is to entirely eradicate creaseless dents in the bodywork of your car, following the step-by-step guide:

    1. Heat over and around one individual dent
    2. Move the tool around constantly
    3. Do this for 8 – 10 seconds
    4. Blast the dent with air inside the can
    5. A thin layer of ice will form over the dent
    6. The ice will begin to melt and the dent will pop out

    The key to using a hot air tool to fix a dent in your car or truck is to take your time and follow each step as thoroughly and accurately as possible.

    Tarpaulin & Plastic Welding

    When you want to create a long-lasting and incredibly durable and strong bond in virtually any type of plastic, a hot air tool is definitely the best tool for the job.

    If you are looking to join two bits of plastic together, from tarpaulin floor tiles to plastic PVC pipes, ensure that there is enough overlap between the two pieces and use a slit nozzle on the hot air gun to heat the sides.

    When using a hot air gun to weld plastic and tarpaulin, it is even more important to always wear gauntlets or heat-resistant gloves to avoid painful burns on your hands.

    Other More Unusual Ways to Utilize a Hot Air Tool

    Aside from the three more common and popular uses for a hot air tool as discussed in detail above, there are also a myriad of more unusual, yet just as effective, ways in which people across the country get the most use of their hot air tool.

    You can, safely and with caution of course, use a hot air tool to mold and form candles, make intricate repairs on computer and other electronic equipment, use in crafts for a variety of different projects including embossing work and even as a way to restore grey plastic back to its former black glory.