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Top Tips to Enter the Chinese Market

Entering the Chinese market has become very important for Western companies of all sizes and shapes.  This is because of the difficult economic situations in Europe and the United States. China is a country which is growing at double-digit rates over the years. It is expected that China will overtake the US and become the largest economy in this decade. Therefore, it is very important to tap into the Chinese market.  Here the question is how to enter the Chinese market. One way is to communicate with the Chinese target market in their native language. For this, you have to hire professional Chinese translation services so that you can enter the foreign market without any communication barriers.

Top Tips to Enter the Chinese Market

Are you ready to enter a lucrative market in China? Let’s have a look at the top tips to enter the Chinese market.

Entering the Chinese Market through Digital Platform

China has a whopping population of 1.4 billion people. To your surprise, over 904 million Chinese use the internet. Therefore, China has a large digital community.  They use the internet for marketing, branding, and sales. Thus, if you want to tap into the Chinese market then you have to release your marketing campaigns online. Moreover, your campaigns have to be in a language that is understood by the potential consumers.

This will give your business, great boost and return on investment. One important thing to note is that China uses different digital platforms like WeChat, Weibo, Baidu, and Youku. Therefore, you should have an understanding of these digital platforms. These platforms possess distinct characteristics and you can reach a wider audience in no time.

Understanding Chinese Consumers

The main characteristics of Chinese consumers are that they do online research. They spend an average of 26.2 hours per week which is equal to four hours of daily online time. Therefore, you have to know where users are searching for information so that you can make yourself visible online in front of the target market. Moreover, you have to translate the digital content into the customer’s native language.

Around 782.41 million people in China purchase goods online.  The use of live streaming is also high in China. There are approximately 617 million live streaming users in China. So, the Chinese consumers do a lot of research to avoid low-quality products. Thus, you have to understand the Chinese consumers before tapping into the Chinese market.

Chinese Consumers look up to Global Brands

It is a known thing about Chinese consumers that they don’t like lower-quality products and services. One best way to tap into the Chinese market is to show a positive association with global brands. This will help your products stand out in the local market with good quality perception and reputation. The young Chinese generation also called generation Z is more prone to global brands and the Western world. Therefore, by showing your association with western brands, you can attract potential Chinese customers.

Be Vigilant about Chinese Keywords have to know the keywords that Chinese consumers search a lot on search engines like Sogou 

No doubt, keyword search is very important in any digital marketing campaign. Therefore, you & 360 and Baidu. By knowing the demanded keywords, you can develop your content with relevant keywords. In this way, consumers will reach you without any effort. Moreover, it will increase your sales and conversion rate.

Develop a Chinese Website for the Chinese Market

Developing a high-quality website is pivotal in this digital world.  After developing a website, you have to go for Chinese website translation services from a professional Chinese translation services company. This is because of the reason that 75% of consumers prefer to buy products from a website that is in their native language. Moreover, 55 % only do business with sites that are offered in their native language. Chinese formats are usually different. Therefore, after getting your website translated, you also have to host your site on a Chinese server. In this way, your content will be changed easily in the respective language thus increasing the better user experience.

Wrapping Up

China’s market is gigantic. Therefore, to tap into the Chinese market, you have to understand the digital landscape of the market, understand the consumer behavior and then develop your website accordingly.  Be vigilant about keywords, they will help to bring a potential customer to your website. If you follow the above tips, you can easily enter the Chinese market.

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