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Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Reception Desks


First impressions can make or break your business.

But it’s so easy to forget about the little things. You can have the world’s best receptionist, but they will only be able to make as good a first impression as much as their desk will. Clients will notice a good receptionist behind a poor-quality desk, so it’s important to take note and add value to your brand.

Finding the right reception desk for your office requires knowing your options for desks. Here are factors to consider when choosing reception desks.

1. Size

Measure up space where you want to put your desk before buying it. Of course, there’s nothing worse than buying a desk that doesn’t fit!

If there is only a small space to put your desk, you’ll need a taller desk that takes up less floor space. But for a spacious office, a shorter, longer desk can fill out the floor space to make the room look less sparse.

2: Style

There are several different designs for desks you can choose from for your reception desk, and knowing where to place desks is vital. It can also affect your budget for comparing desk prices. These include:


A desk has a top bolted to the base. This is popular in situations where there is minimal space. The advantage of this style is that it does not take up any floor space or add clutter to the room. You can use this style in a small office to save space and create a clean look.


A cart has wheels, and the top folds down with ease. This reception desk stores away when not in use.


This desk has the reception counter facing the door and a desk behind it facing into the room. This is the most common style of reception desks.


This type of desk makes a “U” shape, with the counter facing out and two sides of desks to meet at the center.


This type of desk has a reception counter in the middle and two sides facing out.

3. Finishing

Good reception desk manufacturers use high-quality materials that are easy-clean. Keep your office free of dust and grime while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Choose a finish that wipes off when needed to prevent dirt stains on your furniture.

4. Color

When you select a desk for your reception area, the color should reflect your business style. If you have an office with a modern theme, select a lighter-colored wood to match the decor.

This will complement your office’s décor. If you have an office with a more traditional furniture style, choose an oak wood desk to blend in and feel at home. And, if you want to give off a modern but spacious vibe, consider a glass reception desk to really make your reception stand out.

5. Function

Should you buy a desk that has wheels to move it around your office? This is a common question. If you would like to move around the desk, choose one with wheels to help move throughout rooms.

But if you don’t want to move the desk around, a stationary reception desk will work fine. A stationary reception desk could save space if there is plenty of room in your office. The size of the desk doesn’t need to be compact.

Also, consider the traffic flow in the area. Is your desk public-facing, such as in a recruitment agency? Or is the office used almost always by staff? Who you are trying to impress can make a big difference on which desk you choose.

Take Care When Choosing Reception Desks

When choosing reception desks, consider the style, size, and color. Get it right, and you’ll be swooning your way to the top with your clients and customers alike!

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