TOP 20 Best Tech Blogs to Follow in 2023

TOP 20 Best Tech Blogs to Follow in 2023

Do you want to understand the principles of design or are you interested in the possibility of AI creating rules in the future? You might be interested in reading a lengthy post about CSS grid animation. Whatever your hobbies, all you really need is a trustworthy tech blog. We’ve assembled a rundown of the top sites and applications to assist you with this work so you can zero in on your examinations, track down answers for hardships, or simply have a great time. Take a gander at our once-over of the best tech sites to examine in 2023 for start to finish information, useful direction, and obliging associations.

1. techblitz

Techblitz has made a good for itself name as a trusted and fast source of tech news on the tech sector over the years. This tech blog is worth following for any tech enthusiast as it is a digitally oriented high-profile research effort.


Website WPNextYour go-to resource for everything WordPress is the WPNext blog. WPNext is committed to keeping you informed by focusing on offering helpful advice and information, from resolving image upload issues to analyzing popular themes. It’s simple to sign up for WPNext’s email updates, which will keep you informed of the most recent WordPress reviews and recommendations that will speed up your WordPress journey.

3. SitePoint

Website at SitePointWith SitePoint, a reputable blog for seasoned developers and designers, get ready to advance your development abilities. It explains the fundamentals of things like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Design & UX, and other well-known concepts in a competent and friendly way.

4. Envato Tuts

Site: Envato TutsA great source for tech tutorials, events, and classes is Envato Tuts. It can help you with fundamental ideas like design principles, for example, as well as with creating an HTML email template from scratch and other related subjects. The platform is specifically made to support your academic and professional development.

5. WPMudev

Visit the WPMudev website.This really well-liked site focuses on WordPress and goes into greater detail about design, CSS, hosting, etc. WPMudev offers guidance on a variety of subjects, including domain security, WordPress plugins, and theme lists.

6. Smashing Magazine

Website for Smashing MagazineAn extremely well-liked tech site that welcomes both novices and geeks is called Smashing Magazine. Its specialists, who come from a variety of backgrounds, offer advice on a range of subjects, such as using AI technology for design or constructing a WordPress theme from scratch without writing any code.

7. CSS Tricks

Website with CSS-TricksYou may find original content on the CSS Tricks blog that focuses on CSS and front-end development and offers helpful, hands-on instructions for a variety of site-building strategies. It provides a variety of content formats, such as text, video lessons, and newsletters.

8. Wired

Website by WiredWired covers a wide range of subjects, such as tech giant stories, product reviews, and Apple TV shows, and effectively portrays the essence of a “world in constant transformation.” The journal combines topics from business, culture, design, and science to produce a thorough and varied reading experience.

9. The Verge

the website The VergeThe Verge was founded in 2011 and covers technology in a variety of ways, such as breaking news and online consumer trends. You may count on this well-known tech blog to learn something new every day.

10. GeekWire

Website GeekWireThe internet of things and artificial intelligence are just two of the many topics covered by the technology news website GeekWire. The blog’s publisher also plans a lot of startup events and creates interesting video content for its audience.

11. Kinsta

Website Kinsta BlogAre you looking for ways to improve the functionality of your website or troubleshoot a problem? Or maybe you’re looking for a trustworthy, in-depth analysis of WordPress themes, plugins, or hosting options? With their skillfully produced tutorials and guidelines, Kinsta has you covered. They are also among the most potent cloud hosting services, not to mention.

12. Torque

Website for is a reputable source for WordPress-related news. It provides opinions and news from contributors with varied backgrounds, covering topics including business, development, and the WordPress community, among others. The blog also includes a ton of useful content, such advice on how to optimize blog photos and the newest developments in blogging.

13. Codrops

Website for Codrops Codrops is a hub for web design and development aficionados with more than ten years of experience. The website provides extensive product roundups together with a wealth of design tutorials on subjects including animation, typography, and 3D effects.

14. The Next Web

Visit The Next WebTechnology, sustainability, development, security, the internet of things, and other subjects are all covered in-depth by The Next Web. Additionally, it’s a fantastic tool for discovering investor and startup events.

15. Digital Trends

Site for Digital Trends technological news website called Digital Trends not only provides a wide variety of articles on numerous themes, but also covers breaking news. This blog provides content for everyone, whether you’re seeking for advice on the Apple Watch or details on the newest video games. Digital Trends offers information on themes like crime dramas in addition to technology-related articles.

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16. Groovy Post 

Post Website with StyleA great site, Groovy Post, offers brief instructions and tips for a variety of audiences, including marketers and developers. This blog provides clutter-free, simple-to-follow instructions to help you, whether you’re looking for Excel advice or want to manage your Instagram account more effectively.

17. MIT Technology Review 

Website of the MIT Technology ReviewWith MIT Technology Review, you can find tech workshops, courses, and more. The website offers a number of tutorials on a variety of topics, including biotechnology and how AI may create laws.

18. BBC News Technology 

Website for The BBC is a brand with a long history, and this is no different with their BBC Tech blog. The blog provides a qualified evaluation that upholds the highest standards of BBC journalism by delving deeply into the core of rapidly developing, highly sought-after technology trends.

19. How-to Geek 

Website for Geek How-ToA journal about technology called The How-to Geek, in particular, offers guides for Windows and Linux. In-depth product reviews of mobile phones, security keys, VPNs, and other products are also provided. When you need additional information on how to upgrade your WiFi router or are thinking about purchasing a new Amazon Echo Dot, you should turn to this technology site.

20. VentureBeat

Website of VentureBeatIf you’re interested in the subject, bookmark VentureBeat, which was founded in 2006 and is home to several articles on data infrastructure, software security, and statistical analysis. The time has come to stop reading low-quality blogs and choose a few reliable sites that will be the top tech blogs in 2023 that you may visit frequently.